40 of the Best Family Costumes Ideas for Halloween

40 of the Best Family Costume Ideas for HalloweenHere is a list of 40 great family costume ideas that I found on various blogs and on Pinterest that you can do together. 

Dressing up at Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. Getting the entire family involved with a theme is even better. We’ve only done one of these on the list but now that we have 4 members of the family we have more options. This list includes great ideas for any size family!


Flapper 20's Family Costume

Pick a decade! A few years ago we went as 20’s style flapper. Any decade holds a fun set of costumes.

Sock Monkey Family Costume

Everybody loves Sock Monkey’s 


the_queen_and_her_royal_guardsThe queen of England and her Royal Guards 

sesame_street_familyThe Sesame Street gang costumes 

madagascar_halloween_getawayMadagascar Crew

ninja_turtle_familyTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Have a few extra members of the family? You can go as Splinter (the rat) or April as well. 

napoleon_dynamite_familyNapoleon Dynamite family – Vote For Pedro Shirt 

Disney’s Up 


Despicable Me characters. Don’t forget your Minions either!


hunger_games_castThe Hunger Games 

the_laundry_crewThe family that does Laundry together at Halloween, stays together!

mary_poppins_jolly_holiday1Mary Poppins is always a hit! (English Nanny, Chimney Sweep

gilligans_islandDon’t get stranded on an island! Gilligan’s Island
Doctor Who Costume

Doctor Who! Doctor Professor Costume
Lobster Family Costume

Bring on the Lobsterfest. Dog rain coat, Lobster, Chef Hat
KISS family costume

Rock on with KISSWhere the wild things are costumes

Where the Wild Things Are, more pictures here. Disney Aladdin Costumes

Aladdin costumes from Our Life is BeautifulDisney Toy Story Costume

Many characters to choose from in the Toy Story moviesAlice in Wonderland Family Costume

Tori Spelling and her family dressed in their Alice in Wonderland costumes (Credit: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com)


cat_in_a_hatYou can’t do Cat in the Hat without the fish! Vital part of the story. Jetsons Family Costume

The Jetsons familyincredibles family costume

The Incredibles Costumeblt family

Your classic BLT, but much cuter.M&M family costume

This M&M family is super easy to make and also very cute. Willy Wonka family costumes

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, what an adorable Oompa Loompa
Super Mario Luigi Princess Peach and Toad Costumes

Super Mario Brothers. Always fun! By Givers LogDisney Phineas and Ferb Costumes

Disney’s Phineas and FerbThe Muppets family costume

The MuppetsThe Avengers Costume

The Avengers costumesThe Flintstones costume

The FlintstonesScooby Doo family costume

Mystery Incorporated. Scooby Doo and the Gang!Star Wars Family Costume

Star Wars, by Bird on a Cake (lots of other great family ideas on her blog)wizard of oz

The Wizard of OzCrayon family costume

Crayons Color familyPirate costumes

This pirate family turned their red wagon into an amazing ship! You can also make little mermaids and parrots to go with your Pirate theme. Great Peter Pan idea too, with indians, Tinker Bell and lost boys. 
Bee and bee keeper costumes

For the bee lovers! Harry Potter Family Costume

Harry Potter by Sara Jane Sews (more pictures at blog)

Popeye family costume

Popeye the Sailor Man, (you could also dress up another little one in spinach!) by The Patriotic PeacockAddams Family Costume

The Addams Family– The perfect Halloween family!

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