50 Organizing Ideas For Every Room in Your House

50 Organizing Ideas for Every Room in Your HouseIt’s time to get organized! I’ve come across lots of great ways to organize. Here is a great list of easy ways to organize in all the chaotic spaces in your house. Even if you’re starting in one room in your house, little changes can help reduce the clutter. 

I plan on using a few of these this year so that my house doesn’t look like a scene out of Hoarders! Some of these are great tools you can buy, others are tutorials and a few just for inspiration for their beauty. 

They are sectioned out by the room in your house!
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Kids Room
Laundry Room
Dinning Room
Entry / Mudroom
Living Room




1. Organizing your Pots and Pans Pan Organizer and Lid Rack


2. Food Family Finds shows off her Spice Racks with the Spice Gripper Clip Strips

Elfa Over the Door

3. Pantry Organization with a kids Hungry box

Drawer Organization
4. Way to organize your drawers and small storage options. With Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers and The Everything Drawer


5. Other ways to organize your kitchen.  



6. Over the door  and under the sink drawers


7. Love this! It’s just baskets that are zip tied to the towel bars. 


Photo from Little Penelope Lane 

8. Put a silverware sorting tray in the bathroom to organize everyone’s tooth brushes.

320x447x24-magnetic-bathroom-organizers.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IfdY0iWeXX9. Magnetic strips for bobbi pins, tweezers and nail clippers. via Superman


10. Mason Jar storage.  

Easy with Hose Clamps
and Mason Jars

Kids Room

How to Organize Kids Puzzles
11. Down size and organize puzzle boxes. 


12. Fold your clothes like The Repo Woman

 13. Creativity Station for kids. Art, Homework and LEGO table all in one! 


14. I Heart Organizing made this awesome toy storage/ seat .

d2a37250dfade92b295e06cf02806ef815. Use a Shoe Organizer like The Italian Momma

Under the bed play table

16. Use the day bed concept to put pull out toys. Train sets, Lego Tables? via Great Little Trading Company. Why aren’t they shipping this to the US?! 


August 2013 386 copy_thumb17. Lockers for each member of the family and you can get your car in! See Dixie Delights full makeover.  

eb924c8af5817ec779d76d8ec531cc1618. Use a Magnetic Knife Barto hold drill bits. via Lifehacker

Overhead Storage for the Garage19. Overhead Storage Racks. Make sure you get Safe Racksso they don’t come crashing down onto your car!

0ee00361d10fa1da09c3202398c7aac020. Peg board for all your tools. The Inspired Room has a full tutorial.

Rubbermaid FastTrack system

21. This Rubbermaid FastTrack system is cool because you can buy the pieces you need to customize it.



 jewelry storage22. Organize your jewelry like Something Like That Designs, she even shows you how to make the earring holder. 

Under bed storage23. This Ikea Hack puts tons of storage underneath your bed.

41FU08N0XOL24. If you have the standard shelves in your closet you can add more space with this handy extra rack. Closet Doubler

Hide TV in Coffee Table!25. Hide your bedroom TV in this coffee table. via It’s Just Laine

Men's valet organizer26. Organize all those belts, ties and accessories your men wear. Men’s Valet Organizer


Laundry Room

laundry room all edit

27. This Over The Door Organizer that My Sweet Savannah did with chalkboard paint is great.

Accordion Drying Rack28. This accordion drying rack is shabby chic. I love my IKEA fold out one too. 

Dirty Clothes sorting29. Sorting Dirt Clothes from Family Brings Joy

Clean clothes sorting
30. Sorting Clean clothes to take to rooms. Each family member gets a bin that they can take to their room to put away. Also from Family Brings Joy.

Between the washer dryer storage

31. Wicker Laundry Organizer Between Washer Dryer Drawers


Mini Office in Chest

32. This mini office fits in a chest!

office shelf organization 33. Shelf Organization and a fabric lined IKEA shelf tutorial from Honey We’re Home

ipod-charging-station34. Make your own charging station. 

img2o35. This system from Pottery Barn is amazing. 

Closet Office space36. Don’t have enough rooms in your house for an office? Stick it in the closet! via Remodelaholic


Dining Room

Dining Room Storage37. Get a good buffet table or hutch to store cloth napkins, placemats, china, serving platters and even silverware. I love I Heart Organizing’s space.


38. I can’t find the source of this one but wow isn’t it amazing wine storage?
39. This is another awesome IKEA hack. Putting wine shelves in the Expedit shelf

224640. Amazing Dining Room from A Bowl Full of Lemons



101595122.jpg.rendition.largest41. Get your gear together, no more lost gloves!

foyer entryway42. Another great way to store your stuff.

057800560216f5d39c8dfb996b934a0843. This command center is amazing for getting your entryway organized and so that you don’t forget anything. via Sweet Aprils

DIY Chalkboard Key holder44. Or just a simply key hook chalkboard. 

Key Holder45. Or go super simple like I did with this key holder. Letter Organizer and Key Holder


Living Room

CD / DVD Storage binders that look like books

46. Get ride of all those DVD and put them into these awesome CD/DVD Storage Binders that look like fancy books! 

Ottoman Storage

47. Use ottomans that you can place storage in. See A Bowl Full of Lemons full makeover. 

Hide the clutter

48. Hide your clutter under the sofa!   

Living Room Storage49. A behind the couch furniture piece is great for storing things out of the way in your living room. Via The Glitter Guide

DSC_000650. If you have babies and a 2 story house like me, you don’t want to walk upstairs to change diapers. Like Newly B I had a “Baby needs” area downstairs.  

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      • says

        try using a paper storage unit that holds card (looks like a toast holder, you can get some really nice ones of those) or even (if youre like me) shoe storage over the door to hang them all in (or a slightly different version) on ebay they do bra organisers which are fabric for under £5.00 if you wanted to store them in a drawer and still see them easily

  1. Ian Edmonson says

    I like how you organize everything with all the thing hanging, it reduces the mess totally. Thank you for sharing this one.

  2. Dana says

    I particularly like the sorting trays and basket + towel bars for the bathroom. And having an office in a closet is pretty much a great idea for me!

  3. N says

    i used to work in a toy store and we definitely sold train tables with trundles! And that was over ten years ago! There are a few US brands, in fact.

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