75 Uses and Benefits to Coconut Oil

coconut oilI bet you didn’t know that Coconut Oil had so many awesome benefits and uses? This past year I switched out the vegetable and canola oil in my house and replaced it with Coconut oil that I buy in massive tubes from Costco. But I really love the Fair Trade, Kelapo Coconut Oil. They shared with me these great things that you could do with Coconut Oil that I had no idea. So I’m sharing them with you. 

Leave me a comment if you’ve tried any of these and it’s worked great! 

Coconut Oil and Beauty

Beauty, Skin and Hair Care

1. After sun care
2. Sunscreen
3. Tan extender
4. Bud repellent and relief
5. Body Scrub
6. Lip balm
7. All over moisturizer
8. Anti-aging
9. Cleanser
10.Make up remover
11. Over makeup (give yourself a little glow)
12. Acne
13. Treat psoriasis and eczema
14. Teeth whitener
15. Deep conditioner
16. Split end repair
17. Hair growth
18. Control fly aways or frizz
19. Beard relaxer
20. Shaving cream
21. Soften cuticles
22. Massage oil
23. Razor burn
24. Sexual lubricant
25. Fade age spots
26. Dry foot rub
27. Prevent and treat lice
28. Deodorant

Coconut Oil and Pets
Pet Care
29. Smelly pet breath
30. Energy boost
31. Weight loss
32. Cuts (anti-bacterial)
33. Immunity (allergies, infection)
Athlete Care
34. MCT for energy
35. Curve appetite
36. Carbohydrate
37. Muscle rub
EVCO & Alzheimer's
Alzheimers Studies and other Health related ways
38. Glucose
39. Ketones and energy
40. MCT Lauric Acid only found in Coconut oil and breast milk
41.Thyroid support
42. Cuts (anti-bacterial)
43. Ear aches (a few warm drops)
44. Reduce migraines
45. Athletes foot, yeast infection, (fungal infections)
46. Bee stings and bug bites

Mommies & Coconut Oil
Mommy Care
47. Boost milk supply
48. Immunity – anti0fungal and anti bacterial
49. Morning sickness
50. Stretch marks
51. Constipation
52. Dry and crackled nipples

Baby Care
53. Lauric Acid (also found in mothers milk)
54. Cradle cap
55. Teething
56. Diaper rash
57. Vapor rub
58. Treat thrush

59. Frying
60. Sauteing
61. Baking
62. Mix in smoothies
63. Replace butter (replace 1:1 ratio)
64. Improves digestion
65. Speed weight loss
66. Burns fat
67. Good cholesterol

68. Polish stainless steel
69. Rub into cutting board to preserve the wood
70. Season cast iron
71. Lubricant electronics or your guitar strings
72. Leather moisturizer 
73. WD-40 substitute
74. Cleaning wipes (paper towels, water, coconut oil) Good for baby wipes also
75. Natural Goo Gone (mix with baking soda)

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