Are the Falcons Heading to the Super Bowl? #RiseUp

Today is the last game that will decide the teams that head to Super Bowl 47! I am beyond excited about it. Last week the Atlanta Falcons were neck and neck with the Seahawks after leading the whole game. In the last few minutes the Seahawks were up and it wasn’t looking goo but one field goal won the game!

This field goal!

So I’m so excited about this game today against the 49er’s it’s going to be a great game. If the Falcons do win the game this week I’m planning on throwing a Super Bowl party to watch on 2/3. Because this year it won’t be about just watching the commercials. I’ll be cheering my team on!

But I’ll be torn if the Falcons face off between the Patriots. I was born in Massachusetts so I’ll be a torn soul is they play together. But deep down I’m now a Georgia girl and the Patriots have had plenty of turns and wins in the Super Bowl. It’s time for Atlanta to Rise up and shine!

It also gives me an excuse to gather friends, family and awesome food. I’m so in love with finger foods and dips that I would go crazy making. But to save some money on the meats I’ll let Firehouse Subs help with that!

Here is a great coupon you can use for your Super Bowl catering. (Stay tuned for a Super Bowl Giveaway!)

Firehouse Subs Catering Coupon


Go Falcons! Rise Up!

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