Bringing Sexy Back, Again

So I started doing my weight loss program again because I’m 30 pounds away from getting pregnant and blowing all the money I spent while my ass expands and the stretch marks start screaming. Did I mention that me and Ask Wifey are “running” in the Peachtree Road Race? Well Wifey is running, I’ll be the Irish red balloon walking in the back. Woo Hoo go me.

I lost 22 pounds in January so I’m hoping for the same results. Then I’ll feel better about a no needle pregnancy and birth. Makes total since, B12 injections to help me loose weight for a no needle pregnancy. My logic is brilliant, don’t judge me.

My Hubby has officially quit smoking. I told you back in January about me bringing sexy back and Hubby vowing to quit because we were both getting healthy! He hasn’t smoked once since that day. I’m so proud of him. Now if I could get him to shred with me I’d have it made.

I keep telling myself that clothes shopping for cute curvy girl digs will be awesome instead of a total break down in the dressing room. So go white girl go, work that preschool fat ass off!

Think sexy thoughts, think sexy thoughts.


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