Bringing Sexy Back

So those on my Twitter and Facebook page have already seen but I started a new weight lose program that I’m calling my lazy woman plan. See I pay money for different injections, and meds that make me burn massive calories. I don’t have time to workout so I took the “easy” way. It’s not all easy but I can only eat 800 calories a day. Plus while I was snowed in during the Snowpacalyse I worked out a few times to burn some extra calories, plus I was bored out of my mine. But it’s working so whoo freaking hoo! I’ve lost 10 lbs so far.

Hubby’s bringing sexy back too. He texted me yesterday to let me know that he hadn’t smoked all day. Today he went to the doctor and they gave him some medicine to help with his lungs because he’s been short or breath and quitting has been making it flare up. For someone that been smoking since he was WAY too young I can see why. But he told me told, “Since you’re busting your ass trying to loose some weight I figured I can try to quit smoking.” Isn’t he sweet? Busting my ass. Please.

I feel great, tons of energy and I can see it coming off so that motivates me even more. I woke up the other day and asked him to come to the gym with me. He called me crazy and asked who I was but it was worth a try. Think I’ll take Kristens shredhead tips and try some of the Jillian Michaels videos.

It’s pretty ironic though about trying to loose this weight. Wanna know why I’m doing it? To get pregnant. Yeah, I’m the looser that looses weight to get fat again. But for someone like me that doesn’t do well with needles I need to be healthier than I am now. I don’t do the glucose test so I need to make sure I’m healthy from the get go.

I’m going to have a niece or nephew soon too! My Sister is preggers and she’ll be having her baby about the time we start trying. I’m so excited for her and her husband.

So I’m bringing sexy back. Wish me luck.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I am attempting to lose a few pounds myself. My problem is that I want instant results….unfortunately it hasn’t happened. Keep up the good work and the Jillian Michael’s DVDs are awesome.

  2. Beth V. says

    Good for you!! I am finally disgusted enough with myself to do something about my weight. I have 2 kids, my own business and no time to work out. I am curious about how you are using injections and meds, what plan are you using.

    30-day shred is awesome, 20 mins a day and i lost 12 lbs in one month (before I had my second)

    • Meghan says

      Its the medically assisted program, B12/Lipo shots with HCG and an appetite suppressant that I can’t pronounce…lol

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