How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am apart of the Stonyfield Yo’Getters. All Opinions are my own, I just love sharing amazing brands with you that our family also enjoys. Marky, Marky quite contrary, how does your garden grow?  With peppers, corn and tomatoes a plenty setup all in a row. I’ve talked about my families amazing garden now a […]

5 Healthy Breakfast Options to  Fuel Your Morning

5 Healthy Breakfast Options to Fuel Your Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jump starts your metabolism for the rest of the day ahead. So it’s important to have a good filling breakfast to help start your day off right. Here are 5 healthy breakfast options to fuel your morning.  Some of these options I like to combine (like […]


How Genetic Testing Changed My Life

I was provided a JScreen test to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. I’ve always worried about my genetic makeup a little in the back of my mind. Breast cancer runs in my family along with some others that I need to look out for later in life. So I’ve been wanting to […]


NICU Baby Dreams

As a mother of a NICU baby, my heart melted when I saw these adorable and sweet pictures that the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta took of these babies and their bright futures. They spend their days dreaming as they heal. The NICU nurses know that tubes, wires and beeping can be scary so they make […]

GS Healthy Habits 1

Healthy Habits Booklets from the Girl Scouts and Together Counts

I’m participating in a campaign with mom it Forward on behalf of the Girl Scouts and Together Counts, all opinions are my own. I’d like to think that my daughter lives a healthy lifestyle but to be honest it’s because I’m there to make sure she makes the right choices. There have been times when […]

coconut oil

75 Uses and Benefits to Coconut Oil

I bet you didn’t know that Coconut Oil had so many awesome benefits and uses? This past year I switched out the vegetable and canola oil in my house and replaced it with Coconut oil that I buy in massive tubes from Costco. But I really love the Fair Trade, Kelapo Coconut Oil. They shared […]

not fat personality quote

I’m Not Fat Quotes

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Getting Dirty Fit in the Dirty Girl Mud Run

The Dirty Girl Mud Run invited me to run this race for free in exchange for help promoting their awesome event. All opinions are my own. Second 5k of the year, DONE! This one was so much fun too. I’m starting to get obsessed with these races because I have such a great time doing […]


First 5k of the Year – The Color Run #TheHappiest5K

So it was a goal this year to do at least 10 races this year. My first was supposed to be the Foam Fest 5k but I was recovering from the flu and my chest hurt too much to do any running. So my first race ended up being The Color Run. It was so […]


I March for my Baby

On March 3, 2012 our word was turned upside down. But this sweet baby….. Is now this sweet baby….. And it wouldn’t be without Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the March of Dimes. This week my whole family is walking in support with our proud leader at the front (in a stroller). Please help us […]


Seed Starters from Recycled Materials

We’ve started getting our garden ready now that it’s finally warm out. But I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the little seed starter packs because we had everything we need around the house to get our seeds started now. We eat a lot of eggs and a lot of fruit around […]


5 Ways to Exercise without Leaving the TV

There’s no two ways about it: too much sitting down is bad for you. These days, people are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles. The average office workday consists of five hours and 41 minutes sitting of sitting – over 60,000 hours during a working career! And we’re not much better when we come home, with most […]


I’m a Sista! #Mamavation

I earned my place! Yippee! I’ve been accepted into the Mamavation Sistahood. I’m so thankful. This week I threw away all the Christmas treats in my house. I have eaten all of my meals at home! Doubled my water intake. Found my Fit Bit. And am back on track taking my supplements and vitamins. Lets […]

How I Stayed on Track (Kinda) This Holiday

With the great advice that Andrea Riggs gave about staying healthy over the holidays I was able to stay on track most of the time. I drank only water (and maybe some coffee) to keep myself feeling full. A good hearty breakfast. Even on the run. Like the Egg White Delight, that I love so much […]


Joining the Mamavation Sistahood #Mamavation

I had the pleasure of meeting Leah (Bookieboo) the creator of Mamavation in Nashville back in February at Blissdom. We stuck out like sore thumbs because we were both hella pregnant! She was a few weeks behind me and I ending up delivering the following week but we still had a blast. She is super […]


Halloween Tips & Treats For Staying on Track with Your Weight Loss

We all know that the Holidays can be a serious diet killer. Especially Halloween when the candy starts flowing. We try so hard to avoid the delicious treats and seasonal goodies that we take a giant leap backwards from our weight loss goals. It doesn’t have to that hard. You have the willpower!  Follow these […]

Walking in the Strong Legs Run Benefitting CHOA

I love walking! It’s become my new favorite thing to try and do every morning after I drop off my daughter at school. I’ve been participating more and more in Walks around the Atlanta Area. My last one was the Atlanta Heart Walk where I walked with Team Jenny. This time I’ve created my own team […]

Team Jenny Craig

Walking with Team Jenny & Brely Evans for the Atlanta Heart Walk

This past weekend I was honored to walk with the Jenny Craig team in the Atlanta Heart Walk. We were joined by their brand ambassador Bre’ly Evans who recently starred in Sparkle with Whitney Houston. She was so sweet and fun to talk to. Serious Krystyn joined me for the early morning walk as well […]


Fitness Tracking With Your Smart Phone #vzwa

Since returning from Conversations with Coca-Cola I’ve been trying very hard to start small and make big changes in my daily routine. One of the ways I’ve done this was walking. I’ve started walking nearly every morning. Before I bought my pedometer I was using my smartphone to track not only my steps but how […]


Monday Motivation: Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

Here is some Monday motivation for you. This is a quote that a teacher used to tell us all the time. If you google it most people think that Kate Moss was the original but I assure you she is not. There is also contraversy surrounding the quote as well that it means you should […]


Eyecare About Reading Book Drive

Even though I’m a parent of two children I’m still learning new things about parenting them. Watching my husbands eye’s start to get worse over the years I was concerned about my daughters eye sight as well. Did you know that 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem? I had no idea! The […]


Fruits and Vegetables from Our Garden #WW

Time to Lose This Baby Weight

When I say it’s time to lose this baby weight, I’m actually referring to the weight I gained when I was pregnant with JaMonkey 5 years ago! Now that Lil’ Peanut has arrived and I’m nearly healed from my emergency c-section I can start to get some of this extra weight off my big butt. I’m […]

My First Wholesome Week at Blissdom

I have to say that I am actually quite proud of myself! I started the Wholesome Choices Blogger Program last week and I thought for sure that heading to Nashville for Blissdom was going to be bad for me. But I actually did three times better than I had planned. On the trip up I […]


Bringing Sexy Back, Again

So I started doing my weight loss program again because I’m 30 pounds away from getting pregnant and blowing all the money I spent while my ass expands and the stretch marks start screaming. Did I mention that me and Ask Wifey are “running” in the Peachtree Road Race? Well Wifey is running, I’ll be […]

Still Hoping for a Miracle

I told you about my family friends son Wylie awhile back. Since then he’s been through a lot. His family has been doing everything they can to be with him. They have had to take him out of regular school and start home schooling him because he is worn out. The Make a Wish foundation […]

Little Chunk

When JaMonkey and I got home today she had a bowl if cereal, fruit snacks, bologna, and a  whole can of spaghetti o’s. I had a 2 pieces of taffy and a handful of Goldfish. She also ripped holes in both knees of her jeans and fell asleep on the couch butt ass naked at […]

Invitations Welcome

So I’ve been thinking. The Super Bowl is coming up in a little over a week and I would really appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to invite me to there Super Bowl party. Now for those or you that want to simply reply sure come one, come watch football with me. […]

Bringing Sexy Back

So those on my Twitter and Facebook page have already seen but I started a new weight lose program that I’m calling my lazy woman plan. See I pay money for different injections, and meds that make me burn massive calories. I don’t have time to workout so I took the “easy” way. It’s not […]

Little Black Dress

A few week ago my girlfriend called me in a tizzy. I could barely understand her she was rushing to get it out. You see earlier in the week I demanded (yes it was that serious) that my girlfriends take me out since my husband decided to get his buddy and his wife drunk on […] Protection Status