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Cool Dad’s Gift – Superman Hall of Heroes

My husband garnered the nickname Super Cooper in his office before we met. It’s a name that has stuck with him and even morphed into the Superman himself. His hair, the glasses. He even wears his Superman shirt under his work clothes so that his coworkers can see it when he puffs his chest out. […]

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

 I love finding unique Father’s day gifts. Men are simple creatures really, you can tell them they are going fishing all day and they would be happy. Sometimes this makes buying gifts interesting.  Here is a list of “guy approved” gifts that any Dad would love to have.  My husband likes making his own home-brew, […]


Christmas Eve Pajama Gift Box

We decided to do the Christmas Eve PJ box with my kids this year. We only put a set of PJs, some hot chocolate and a Christmas book to read before bed in the box. That way they aren’t hyped up before heading to bed for the evening! The kids love to read so they […]

Elf Magic

Share the Elf Magic Tradition with Your Family

We love Elf Magic! We started the tradition a few years ago when JaMonkey became old enough. We’ve captured our Elfcapades over the years on Instagram. My daughter loves her Elf Magic Elf Lily, so when a new elf arrived at our house for Peanut it was twice the fun and twice the magic.  The elves are […]


Happy Birthday JaMonkey You’re 6!

My sweet girl turned 6 this week. Time is flying by so fast. Slow down little one. My mom took these photos with her iPhone! Aren’t they amazing?


It’s Black Friday, Not Thanksgiving! – Boycott Black Thursday

Last year I wrote an open letter to Walmart expressing my “concern” over them starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day, Thursday. It was something that gained national attention, I was asked to talk about it on a radio talk show and I discovered that a lot of the country is still very upset […]

The Vampire Diaries

Happy Halloween 2013! #ww

This was my actual costume this year. I was Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries (masquerade episode)   Happy Halloween!


40 of the Best Family Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Here is a list of 40 great family costume ideas that I found on various blogs and on Pinterest that you can do together.  Dressing up at Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. Getting the entire family involved with a theme is even better. We’ve only done one of these on the list […]


Elf Magic Returns 2012 #WW #Elfcapades

Guess who has returned for some Elfcapades? Our trusty Elf Magic friend who’s name JaMonkey believes to be Marsha this year. She showed up late Sunday evening and helped decorate the house while she was sleeping, including putting up JaMonkey’s tree in her bedroom. Follow me on Instagram to catch all the #Elfcapades this year! […]


Target Blogger Event at Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta

My family was recently invited to a blogger event for Target at the Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta. It was a fantastic day. We love the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. This particular day I brought Lil’ Peanut while JaMonkey was at school. We got to play in the little crawlers area. She loves all […]

girls secret

Big Black Friday Secret #BlackFridayOnline

I have a huge secret to tell you. One that you’ll want to remember now that Black FRIDAY is happening on Thanksgiving. Did you know that most stores put their Black Friday pricing up online as well? I found this out two years ago when I was standing in line for an awesome camera and […]

Walmart black friday 8pm thanksgiving

An Open Letter to Walmart about Their “Black Friday” (8pm Thanksgiving) Sale

It’s been happening for the last 3 years. Stores fight to get customers in the door before the other opens. Sales have moved from 5am to 3 am to 12am to 10pm on Thursday but this year Walmart has decided to start it’s “Black Friday” sale at 8pm on Thursday. Thanksgiving. They will require it’s […]


It’s All About Giving #GivingTuesday

Every year I get hyped up about Black Friday. It’s a rush I love giving myself every year. I always spend too much money and buy too many gifts and in the end it’s ok because after it’s all over with I do my other yearly tradition. Giving. It started when I had children of […]

Sweet Little Chunk Easter 2009

Easter Egg Hunting at Home | Easter Traditions with Kids

Every year that JaMonkey has been old enough to walk we have been throwing an Easter Egg hunt. The first two times it was held in our back yard . It was great. Pot luck style where everyone brought some BBQ / Picnic style food dishes. We started the tradition because we were sick of fighting […]

Easter Smore

Easter S’Mores

Everyone loves S’Mores. EVERYONE! (Don’t even leave me a comment telling me otherwise) So when someone brought JaMonkey some Peeps to munch on I broke out the Hersey’s Bliss Eggs that I got at Blissdom and made S’Mores. Just like the saying, When Life hands you Peeps and Chocolate eggs you hatch Easter S’Mores! Totally […]

heart shaped brownies

Valentine’s Raspberry Brownie Cookies

Mmmmm….and easy is all I had to saw about this one! I have mentioned numerous times before that my weakness is anything Raspberry and Chocolate so when I got the craving the other day I searched my cabinets for what I could make. So here is an easy fun way to eat brownies and add […]

Valentines hearts

Project Pinterest: Candy Cane Valentines Treats

This week I’ve been trying to focus on Valentine’s projects for inspiration. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m on a baking/cooking kick lately so next week I’m for sure doing something non-food related. This idea came from Pleasant Home and it took me all of about 5 seconds to decide to do it because it was […]

The Ornament pictured is not the one I used

DIY Family Christmas Ornaments

I recently stumbled upon a great holiday project that I just had to try out. I wanted to create a nice gift this year for our family that they would cherish and something that was fun and affordable. A keepsake ornament with a dated family photo along with a small ultrasound picture on the back. […]

Giving Back During the Holidays

Every year I always spend too much money on Black Friday and buy gifts that will just sit around my house. The kids my daughter knows have every toy you can think of so getting them something is hard and sometimes pointless because again it doesn’t get played with. So the last few years I […]

P&G gift set

Great Gift Ideas: P&G Gift Sets & Chocolate Toffee

P&G started making these great gift sets of some of their best products. Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical. The P&G gifts sets that they’ve put together some great gift combinations such as Bath Puffs matched with Olay Beauty Bars or Goddess collections with Venus Razors and Satin Care. They also include some […]


Baby Girl No More

This past weekend we celebrated my daughters 4th Birthday. We spent the weekend down at Callaway Gardens for the Fantasy in Lights. We got to stay in this amazing cottage and I brought my Mother with us to enjoy it. When She woke up on her Birthday morning I touched her head and she said, I […]

Prepping for Black Friday

It’s my time of year. Fall. Pumpkin Spice lattes, changing leaves and the most important thing. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. A few years ago my girlfriend convinced me that it was totally worth the lack of sleep to go shopping in the middle of the night after Thanksgiving. Something I vowed I wouldn’t catch myself doing […]

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

Then comes Baby in the Baby carriage…wait a minute. I’ve done this all sorts of wrong. I must have fallen asleep during that nursery rhyme as a child. Actually my in-laws have even told us that.  When I was in college marriage was the furthest thing from my mind. Heck so was my degree! All […]

Pointless But Worth It

I’ve never been a fan of Valentines day. If you have read my blog for a year, you’d know why. I’m more of a Boycott Valentines day kind of gal. I think spending hours writing all the kids names in my daughters class on pieces of paper with cats and dinosaurs on them is a […]

New Years 2011

*Don’t you hate it when you write a post and never post it* What an amazing start to the new year. Hubby and I dropped JaMonkey off with his parents for the evening. We were able to go to dinner, have a drink and actual conversation. We talked none stop for hours. They weren’t even […]

Christmas Morning 2010

I try to get a video each year of her coming down to see that Santa has come. This year was another good year! She was VERY excited about her Princess Castle.

Happy Holidays

From my family to yours I hope you had a great holiday season. Rock your socks off in 2011!

Giving Feels So Good

Even before the Starbucks incident happened I was paying it forward this year. I was planning on bringing some of JaMonkey’s birthday presents that she got a few of to Toys for Tots, but when I heard that my friend was having a hard time I knew exactly what I needed to do. I wrapped […]

Spreading Some Cheer

The day started out like any other. I finally got a full nights sleep after my crazy night. Having some time to kill I decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast. I’ve gotten back into cappuccinos and really needed the wake up drink. I use my Starbucks card to earn rewards and get free drinks […]

Brilliant Idea

So I had a brilliant idea that struck me today. When I was doing some Christmas shopping I was calling people and asking for ideas on what to get them. But I realized I haven’t even done that for myself. My husband is the worst gift giver on the planet. I got dishes last year, […]

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