Three Years Later

Three years ago I walked into an ultrasound imaging center to get pictures of my baby. She was being a stinker last time so we had to come back to try again. My husband and her big sister were with me in case we couldn’t get a picture we at least got to see her […]

50 Organizing Ideas for Every Room in Your House

Top 10 Most Visited Posts from 2014

It’s always fun to go back over the past year and reflect on the things you did and the fun you had. This year was a fantastic year and it went by so incredible fast. I went back to college this year and got into the school I wanted. But in terms of JaMonkey, it’s […]


School Bus Sister Love

Everyday my youngest and I wait for her big sister to get off the school bus. I started to film their encounters because my heart was melting each time. You can see the amazing love they share. Enjoy their love as much as I do and I hope that your year is filled with love […]

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A #DisneyKids Party Fit For A Princess

I was provided with the supplies to host a Disney Kids party. All opinions are my own. My little girl turned 7 this month and we had a super fun Disney Kids party to celebrate it. I threw it with Krystyn from Really Are You Serious. We set a big table and with a princess […]


Playing in the Park #ww

First Day of School Pics

First Day of 1st Grade

This kid is growing up too fast and this summer flew by too fast. It was like a blink of the eye and they are already heading back to school. JaMonkey was super excited to go back to school though. She always has a blast at school and being with her friends. I can’t wait […]

Blowing Bubbles

My Water Babies

This post is brought to you on behalf of Dixie® Consumer Products. My kids love being in the water. Since we bought one of those molded pools with the slide built in, I haven’t been able to keep them out of the yard. I find them sneaking into it with all of their clothes on and I’m […]

last day kindergarten

JaMonkey’s Last Day of Kindergarten

I’m so proud of this girl. She has blown me away with how much she’s learned this year. She reads me stories now before bed time and asks us a million science questions. She wanted to be a teacher most of the year but towards the end it change to a veterinarian or a doctor. […]

Disney Photo Booth

Turning 2 the Disney Side Way

I was selected to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration. We were sent some fun things to get our party started! My little Peanut turns two this month so we held a fun Disney Side at Home Celebration. We are huge Disney fans so we went all out with lots of fun activities for […]


We’re a Repreve #TurnItGreen Finalist

I am so incredibly excited right now. I just got the following tweet! @jamonkey Congrats Meghan! You’re one of our top 4 finalists for our TurnItGreen giveaway! Head to http://t.co/ImA05EoNNO for full details! — Repreve (@repreve) February 4, 2014 To say that I was jumping out of my seat was an understatement. My daughter was […]

JaMonkey Park

Year in Review 2013

It was a great year! I achieved some of my goals and have big plans for next year.  January – We made yummy Raspberry Frozen Yogurt and a copy cat Chicken Quesadilla Flatbread Melt. Peanut learned how to walk. I was prepping for the Super Bowl because the Atlanta Falcons were wicked close to going. Too bad […]

Meghan Cooper of JaMonkey on ABC World News

JaMonkey on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

I’m a little excited that my family was featured on ABC World News Real Money segment with Paula Faris.  Check out the full article here.   Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Breaking News


Celebrating an Amazing Year

One year ago from the moment this post was published our world was scary, chaotic and changed forever. From your unexpected delivery. After a month in the NICU due to being premature and with SVT you finally got to come home. It became apparent that it was where you were meant to be. Getting lots […]


Why isn’t this stopping? #TodayIStheDay #PrayForNewtown #CTShooting

This morning I watched online as reports started flooding in about gunman entering an elementary school in Connecticut. As it stands 27 people are presumed dead. 18 of which are children. Why are we still selling guns to just anyone that comes in and waits the time period? Why are our children and loved ones […]


Will Crawl for Apple MacBook

I thought I was the only one that would do anything for a MacBook…guess I was wrong. Peanut’s crawling! AAaaahhhh lookout world. She’s also 9 months old now!!!! Time is flying.  


The Big 5 #WW


Starting Preschool #WW

Wow, it’s the first day of school. I can’t believe it! They really do grow up so fast!


This Preemie is Catching Up

If you had ask me 4 months ago if I thought Adelia was going to be caught up, SVT free and stronger than ever I would have said no. I thought that life was going to be so hard that I canceled everything on my schedule for the rest of the year. Disney Social Media Moms […]

I'm a growing girl

Growth Spurts Suck, Sometimes

They happen ever couple of months, a big growth spurt that causes schedules to shift and everything to be thrown off balance. With that said this week is the week from hell. This growth spurt has triggered non-stop eating. If she’s awake she’s hungry. If she’s eating, she’s puking. (Did I mention reflux sucks also?) 15 […]


I Have a Mommy’s Girl

I’m writing this with a huge grin on my face. Not only because I have a Mommy’s girl but because I got great news at the cardiologist this week. First an SVT update. We haven’t had a single attack since a week before leaving the NICU. We are now at the 4 month old mark […]

Wrote her name

My Child Wrote Her Name

It’s moments like these that I am so proud to be a mother. My daughter has a long name. She gets frustrated half way through and quits but on Daddy got the best Father’s day card ever. Serenity wrote her name on it.

Cloth Booty

Entering into the World of Cloth Diapering

I’ve been buying cloth diapers now for a few months. One type here, another there. But we have yet to use them because I had so many earth friendly disposables sent to me that we just hadn’t tried them yet. I’ve got everything washed and ready. We’ve just been waiting. Well I only have a […]

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The Heart that Sibley Heals | Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

When an ultrasound tech tells you to go to the hospital, you panic. When you ask if we should go to your “delivery” hospital and she says it really doesn’t matter just get to the hospital, you freak. When we arrived at the hospital and found a heartbeat we were somewhat relieved. But another ultrasound […]

Sweet Sisters

They Grow So Fast WW

It’s amazing going from this 3 pound little miracle to….. To plump Little Peanut Adelia is now 3 months old. Still no SVT attacks. Only wearing her monitor at night while she sleeps. Getting bigger by the day.


Not So little Peanut Any More

So this little Peanut is going great. She will be 3 months old this weekend and she is now the size of a bigger newborn. She is over 9 lbs, thats 3 times her weight when she was in the hospital. Fat rolls have filled her in. We are only having to keep the apnea […]


My Girls #ww

I’m sure you are sick of seeing thees cute faces but I’m just so in love and I haven’t been out of the house for anything but doctors appointments lately so it’s the only thing in my camera!

monkey toes

Monkey Toes #WW


Sweet Baby Dreams

I know what my dreams are each morning. For Big JaMonkey to love her Sister as much as her little heart can. For Little JaMonkey to grow out of this SVT mess, for no alarms to sound all day long and she sleeps for at least 5 hours one night. Ok, the last one might […]


Sisters #WW

Can you tell them apart? She loves her Sister

Chubby Face

Sentencing is In

So the jury has returned and the verdict is in. The sentencing commences with a captivated audience. You are hear by sentenced to a year of no travel. Monthly cardiologist visits. An extremely loud Apnea monitor. In home nurse visits. Oh yes, and a 3 hour sleep schedule. In order to leave my child with […]

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