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No More Husband Roll Overs

For the last 8 years I’ve suffered through sleeping next to my husband.  Wait….let me rephrase that. I’m finally getting a full nights sleep without my husband rolling over me or elbowing me in the face! There, that sounds a little better. When I moved in with my husband I discovered that he sleeps in […]

5 Awesome Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

5 Awesome Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

This post brought to you by Breyers Gelato Indulgences . All opinions are 100% mine. Date night gets harder when you become a parent so it’s a good idea to come up with fun date nights that you can have at home after your kids are in bed or maybe they stayed the night at […]

lil jamonkey

Our New Date Night

Hubby and I haven’t had a good date night in quite awhile. But tonight was a great one. A friend came over and watched Big JaMonkey while our girls played. It allowed me and the Hubs to stay at the hospital more than an hour. I got to snuggle our baby for a bit before […]

Date Night

Thank goodness it wasn’t like the movie. But boy was it a great night. Things have truly been amazing the last few months since the big…thing. We have been on a couple of date nights actually. A couple of weeks ago we went to Cirque Du Solei’s Ovo show which was amazing. This weekend though […]

Cirque du Soleil Ovo

  I was asked to attend the opening dress rehearsal to the new Cirque du Soleils show Ovo. It was amazing to say the least. They gave us free popcorn and sodas. Along with fun h’orderves like some yummy dip inside orchids. Artichoke bruschetta that I couldn’t get enough of. When intermission rolled around they […]

Ugh, Barf

So my blog design isn’t matching my mood at all. After reading my last few post do I sound bright and cheery? Hardly. After this happened to me, Ive been a mess. More so because he is walking around acting like nothing happened. He destroyed me in a few words, watched me break into pieces […]

For Her

She knows just when to give you hugs. Especially when you need them most. Just when to lean over your shouldler and tell you she loves you. When she grabs your cheeks you’d better be ready for her to kiss your face off. She sings songs with me and dances like a maniac. She is […]

How Can I

I didn’t get much sleep last night, how could I. How can I do much of anything hearing my husband say things like… I used to love you, I mean I do love you. I’d like to be attracted to my wife, I’ve been nice about it for a year but I’m done How can […]

Buzz Kill

I spent most of the day looking through my stacks and stacks of coupons that I save. I went through I Heart Publix  50 times gathered my things and headed out to my grocery adventure. My first stop was Publix where I got $32 worth of groceries for $12! That made me smile. I then […]

My head hurts, along with my heart.

…really bad. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for three days with the curtains closed. I’m a little absent, and absent minded. I’m trying to deal with something in my life that I want to write about but haven’t found the right words yet. I know how I feel but if I […]


Same conversation different day… me Honey did you unplug my cord? hubby NO! me: Are you sure, I’m running off battery power? hubby: Yeah I’m sure geez me: (looking at the plug) Well then why am I unplugged? hubby: I don’t know! me: Perhaps when you flew out of here in the morning you unplugged […]

Our 3 Year Anniversary Part 2

Wow I slept till 10am today. See what happens when you have a good night with no toddler to wake you up at 7am. Which I happen to do on my own out of habit but I fell right back to sleep. I can’t possible post all the pictures of our day today but we […]

Date Night

This weekend was an awesome weekend. Hubby not only took Friday off but my wonderful mother came down Saturday to watch JaMonkey while Hubs and I had a much needed date night. Best thing was we did something we each wanted to do. We started out heading to Midtown for a Homebrewing contest. Mark didn’t […]

Uno anyone?

So I bought some stocking stuffers today and while I was checking out I noticed they had a deck of Uno cards! I love Uno and I thought it would be a good fun game that me and my family could play on Christmas when they come to visit. Something not in front of the […]

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