10 Healthy Snack Ideas

10 Healthy Snack Ideas

If you could eat any food in the whole world without any concern, chances are that item would be listed in the “junk food” category. Mine would be cheese fries, dark chocolate and potato chips. I asked my daughter what some of her favorite junk food items were and here are the items she came […]


5 Must Haves for the Uncomfortable Pregnancy #DulcoEasePink

Both of my pregnancies were rough. I was constantly uncomfortable, sore and miserable. No glowing reviews from me. If I HAD to do it all again though, I’d prepare to keep a few things handy in my Mommy toolkit. Items that would help me through the rough patches. We’re going to get real with these […]


How to Put Together a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Guest Post There are lots of expenses associated with having a baby. Kitting out a nursery and buying a pram will definitely cost a pretty penny – kitting yourself out with a capsule maternity wardrobe, however, doesn’t have to. The key to putting together the perfect maternity wardrobe is to choose classic pieces that will […]


Ways to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms

I was the poster child for some of the worst pregnancy side effects there are. After searching high and low and speaking to many different women I’ve gotten lots of answers about ways to ease the worst ones. I’ll share with you what I’ve been told because everyone’s body reacts differently to certain things. Nausea […]


Having a Preemie with SVT is Like Becoming a New Parent Again

Boy is that an understatement. Simply having a Preemie after a completely healthy baby is as well. They are so small and tiny. In some cases she is the size of Big JaMonkey’s dolls. I feel like I’m going to break her. I’m glad she is my second child because I would be a hot […]


Babies are Stronger Than Mommies

Since Saturday I’ve been in a haze. Every time that I can physically make it over into the NICU they give me a boost of good news followed with some stressful news. The pain from surgery seemed to be worse than others because of the shock my body went into before it even started along […]


When a Normal Day Turns Into a Birth Story

Nothing ever goes the way you planned when it comes to Motherhood. Let me start from when this miraculous story started to unfold. Two weeks ago I had a 3D Ultrasound scheduled to take some pictures and get a video of our sweet Baby Girl made up like we did for her Sister. The session […]

31 weeks pregnant

30 Week Baby Bump

One foggy morning we took a last minute Baby Bump photo. It’s not perfect but you can’t retake a 30 week photo at 31 or 32 weeks See me grow 12 Weeks 14 Weeks 21 Weeks 24 Weeks

baby bump

24 Week Baby Bump

So that whole post about Staying Thin During Pregnancy…which is a really good read, you should check it out, may have changed and here is how. What’s better than a Raspberry Cake Pop Truffle dipped in Mayfield Brown Cow Ice Cream that is covered in chocolate? I’ll let you know when I find out but […]


Creating a Natural Birth Plan

Let’s face it, when you are pregnant everyone has an opinion. When you will pop. How much weight you’ve gained. What you plan on naming your child. But when it comes down to it, it’s not their child. So why would you let them making decision about your birth? After stressing about my first daughters […]

21 weeks pregnant

21 Week Baby Bump #WW w/Linky

I can now take pictures of my belly without people being confused if I’m just fat or really pregnant! Some of my other Belly Bumps: 12 Weeks 14 Weeks   Link up!

straddle stretch

Easing Pregnancy Pain Naturally

Some women get to breeze through their pregnancies completely symptom free or at least minor symptoms and don’t experience so  of the more harsh portions such as the severe nausea or the pain associated with your hormonal stretching body.  I cover a lot of the symptoms that hit during the first trimester like how to […]


The Secret to Staying Thin During Pregnancy

Stay active during your pregnancy with Prenatal Fitness. I also suggest getting yourself a birthing ball, you can use it before, during and after your pregnancy! So I’ve cracked the code, the uncrackable Pregnancy Weight Gain code! You can go ahead and say it, “Meghan, you’re a genius.” I didn’t think it could be done after quite […]

12 weeks

12 Weeks Baby Bump

Getting Through the First Trimester with Zone Perfect

I’m literally having the worst first trimester ever. I was not this sick while I was pregnant with JaMonkey. For weeks I’ve been curled up on the couch or bed trying not to get sick and to make my back stop hurting. I’ve been seeing my chiropractor to help and it was making me feel […]


Preparing for a Second Baby – Nursery & Home

A lot has changed since having my first child. I think everyone in the world caught on to the New Mom craze of wanting anything and everything cool for their new arrival. The great thing about this time around is that I already know what to expect. Not only do I know what to expect […]

Meghan alight.com

I’m in Love with Alight.com @AlightCom

Alight.com recently sent me a very nice dress to check out. I’m a HUGE Maxi Dress fan right now because they are the only nice dresses that look flattering on me. (Most of the time) The dress they sent me was a flowy blue cotton halter top Maxi dress. Now if you’ve seen me in […]


Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic #NutritionPossible

Since before I got pregnant I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins to make sure I’m good and healthy for the new baby. The drawback to taking prenatal vitamins is that they have a lot of iron in them which can cause digestive problems. Something I already have but now that I am actually pregnant I’m having […]


My Big News #WordlessWednesday

So the cats out of the bag! I’m Pregnant with Little Bean #2! Send me some Blue Baby Dust please!

31 weeks pregnant

Plus Sized and Pregnant

The title says it all! After charting my heart out and taking the leap to follow my passion, which caused my stress to nearly dissolve instantly, I am finally pregnant! But unlike the lovely crew of bloggers on this site, I’m overweight. Not massively overweight but enough to be uncomfortable. I’ve been hovering around this size since JaMonkey stopped nursery. […]

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