Celebrating an Amazing Year

One year ago from the moment this post was published our world was scary, chaotic and changed forever.

From your unexpected delivery. 20130302-230338.jpg

After a month in the NICU due to being premature and with SVT you finally got to come home.

It became apparent that it was where you were meant to be. 20130302-230414.jpg

Getting lots of love from everyone. 20130302-230522.jpg

Out sweet Lil’ Peanut Princess20130302-230532.jpg

You made our family complete.20130302-230601.jpg

Your heart healed itself and you didn’t have to take any more medications.20130302-230629.jpg

But we knew how strong you were. That coming home was the best medicine for you despite how scared I was.



Your striking blue eyes and giggles lit up our world . 20130302-230734.jpg

Looking at you now you’d have no idea that you were born 2 months early.
We love you so much.


Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!SONY DSC

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