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Sweet Little Chunk Easter 2009

Every year that JaMonkey has been old enough to walk we have been throwing an Easter Egg hunt. The first two times it was held in our back yard . It was great. Pot luck style where everyone brought some BBQ / Picnic style food dishes. We started the tradition because we were sick of fighting crowds of crazy parents and big kids to allow our little ones to find Easter eggs. There are parents that will push and shove your small child out of the way to help their child get a silly plastic egg. It was heart breaking to see greed over something that was just supposed to be fun. So my friends and Mommy group created our own. Each parent bought a thing of plastic eggs and a bag of candy. We’ve gone more green and saved our eggs each year to reuse for years to come. You fill your eggs at home and bring them in a bag to scatter. We started getting bigger and bigger and have had to relocate to small playgrounds inside someone’s subdivision. It’s still small enough that we can manage it and not let others jump in and steal our eggs. While the Dads finish cooking hotdogs and hamburgers, we make the kids all sit together and eat while the Dads stay with them. The Moms then go and scatter the eggs in the back yard or playground. By the time we get the last egg hidden the kids have finished eating. So they line up with their baskets and Moms grab their cameras.

Easter Egg Hunting with Friends 2010

And their off! In record time kids can clear an area filled with Easter eggs. They fill their baskets and gather back together to discover whats inside. It’s just so much fun watching their sweet faces. They are able to fill their buckets to the rim instead of fighting a crowd and having to guard it afterwards. It’s a tradition that we will continue to do every year for our kids. Even if some years it’s only close family and friends we like it that way. You get good food, fun and friends together and you make the best memories.  


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  1. Lindsay says

    I’ve never gone to a public Easter egg hunt, for that very reason. I don’t want my kids to have to fight for their eggs – it’s meant to be FUN! Good for you for doing a hunt of your own!

  2. says

    We’re setting up our own hunt in the yard, and the city of Mountain Park where we live is hosting one. It is nice because our city is so tiny (500 residents) that it is never over-crowded.

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