Getting Dirty Fit in the Dirty Girl Mud Run

The Dirty Girl Mud Run invited me to run this race for free in exchange for help promoting their awesome event. All opinions are my own.
Second 5k of the year, DONE! This one was so much fun too. I’m starting to get obsessed with these races because I have such a great time doing it. I knew this race consisted of getting dirty in some obstacle course sections but I had no idea how many obstacles that I’d be doing.


It tested my endurance to the max on this one. It was at the beautiful Lake Lanier and we were next to and in the lake! It turned out to be a cold morning on race day so I was scared about getting wet but it ended up being nice out by the end of the race.

There are so many fun obstacles to go through. Mud pits, giant inflatables and rope courses. It was a good challenge. I can’t wait to do a bunch more this year. There are Dirty Girl Mud Runs all over the country so I would check to see if there is one in your area. Do it with a team of your friends. We had such a blast.

Check out all my photos of the race on Facebook here.
Dirty Girl Mud Run

Here’s a video!

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