Getting Through the First Trimester with Zone Perfect

I’m literally having the worst first trimester ever. I was not this sick while I was pregnant with JaMonkey. For weeks I’ve been curled up on the couch or bed trying not to get sick and to make my back stop hurting. I’ve been seeing my chiropractor to help and it was making me feel better but it really comes in waves. If I don’t eat I get sick, if I eat too much I get sick. I have literally been living on Zone Perfect bars in between meals. They are nutrition bars so instead of granola bars which is what I normally eat, these ones are helping keep my strength up. They taste good too, thank goodness! I had to hide them from JaMonkey though because the Fruitified ones are her favorite.

I’ve found out that eating first thing before my feet even hit the floor is the best way to start. Then eat cereal for breakfast, Zone Perfect bar between that and lunch. Eat an early dinner. Haven’t really been able to eat a lot of meat so normally vegetables or salad or pizza I’m obsessed with pizza. Then I might have another one before I go to bed so I don’t get sick while I’m sleeping.The nutritional aspect of the bars helps make them last longer on my stomach. I promise you these are the only bars that don’t taste like those chalky nutritional bars. They are flavorful, I’m on the search for the Dark Chocolate Strawberry ones now because I’m out of my Cookie Dough ones.

It’s been a challenge for sure trying to get anything done. JaMonkey still goes to school 2 days a week so it helps that I can nap hard those days. I even had time to make my first vlog post! Check it out. I’m kind of a dork so be nice!


What did you find helped with Morning Sickness All day suckness that made you feel better?


Zone Perfect sent me these awesome bars so that I could tell you about how great they are. Check them out online for more information.

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  1. Kristi says

    Fist of all. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thanks for the tip on the Zone Perfect Bars in Cookie Dough! I had no clue. They sound great – a must try. Hang in there….I hope 2nd trimester is smooth sailing!

  2. says

    LOL, I needed you when I was pregnant w/ baby Max … I craved chocolate chip cookie dough and salmon all of the time. Hey, congrats on your pregnancy. The misery is worth it for sure :) BTW – I am a new follower to your blog. Great to meet you through video. Blessings from Lea @ Mother Baby Child.

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