Good Wives Give Bacon Roses #WW

After seeing this post on Babble about how to make Bacon Roses I knew the perfect gift for my husband.

He was quite impressed. Thats true love because I don’t eat pork and (don’t shoot me) but I don’t like bacon at all. Anissa Mayhew’s heart just skipped a beat. I had to touch all over it today in the name of Valentine’s Love. So go me, I freakin’ rock! 

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    • Meghan says

      I just served them on a plate I didn’t have enough time to find silk flowers and do all that. But I will be doing it next year. A full dozen!

  1. Janice says

    I don’t eat bacon much but these look so cute that I might try it the next time I make (turkey) bacon! And yes, you are one awesome wife for makin’ it though you don’t like it – all in the name of love!
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