Jamming Out in the Kia Soul

The Kia Soul! is a sharp little crossover. It has some great features that you would normally find on a luxury model vehicle and a sound system that makes you jam out like a teenager again. Kia Soul!

The Kia Soul! features LED running lights on the front and back of the vehicle. Inside the car it has “mood” lighting that lines the speakers in the door. It’s a rainbow of colors that can change on it’s own or pulse to the sound of the music. Rear Back Up Camera

My favorite feature in the Kia Soul! is the rear back up camera. It’s such a great safety feature, being able to see cars or small children playing on the sidewalk behind the car. Kia Soul Dahboard

The car has a great system that includes Sirius satellite radio, navigation and AM/FM. You also have the Bluetooth technology that connects with your phone to make hands free calls or stream Pandora. My husband and I took the Kia Soul! out to the Dirty Girl Mud Run. While he was waiting for me in the parking lot, he heard a song that he hadn’t heard in a long time so he did what any person would do. He turned it up, loud. When I returned to the car he was raving about how much he loved the car!Kia Soul Steering WheelI love having everything at my fingertips on the steering wheel. It makes things so simple (and much safer). Aside from feeling like I’m driving in a toaster, this is a fun little car. It doesn’t have a ton of trunk storage so it’s not extremely family oriented. Check out my video.

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