Joining the Mamavation Sistahood #Mamavation

mondaysgraphicwbrown13-300x198I had the pleasure of meeting Leah (Bookieboo) the creator of Mamavation in Nashville back in February at Blissdom. We stuck out like sore thumbs because we were both hella pregnant! She was a few weeks behind me and I ending up delivering the following week but we still had a blast. She is super sweet and down to earth. Needless to say I joined the Mamavation forums to learn more about everything and try to get some motivation and advice. I had no idea how hard it was going to be get moving again after a C-section.

I sustain a lot of nerve damage and it took me a long time to heal so I wasn’t thinking about working out until I was sure I could. I can say that I am finally feeling up to it now. I no longer have sudden shooting pain in my abdomen so I think I’m safe. I’ve successfully lost the weight I gained with Lil’ Peanut this year by walking and watching what I eat but I still need to reach my goal weight. The weight I was before my first child.


50 Pounds.

I would still be my curvy self but a lower BMI. So I’m joining the Mamavation Sisterhood to get the motivation I need and the have support from other to keep me on track. It’s the first step in the start to a new year.  The evolution of me.

So this is my pledge to give my support to others just like myself. So that I can get support for my goals in return. To join the Mamavation Sisterhood!

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