Learning to Walk

Boy do I love these girls. Their love for each other is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.




Oh and Peanut is walking with help and cruising like a champ! Won’t be long!

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  1. Barbara Burns says

    I can attest to the sibling love, too! My heart has melted, fluttered, and done more flips watching my two develop a loving, friendly relationship with one another. And my little guy just turned one, and is cruising along — but unlike with his sister, I’m simply not pushing him to walk. :)

  2. ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) says

    That’s great, I’m lucky to have two boys who are just as close. Makes life SO much easier!

  3. Elizabeth Atwood says

    Awww how sweet! It’s so fun, and scary, when you realize that they’re about to be truly mobile!

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