Project Pinterest: Instagram Photo Display

It’s that time again! I’ve been trying to do this pinterest project for awhile but couldn’t because there wasn’t a good company to print my pictures from Android. Until hit the scene. Backed their kickstarter campaign and grabbed my free roll and another the day they launched the site. This project actually started out as a jewelry display but morphed into the picture display after I saw the amazing one that Goodwillionaire did (which is much prettier than mine but I just haven’t found “the most amazing frame” yet. But I wanted a Shabby Chic look for my frame.


What you will need:

Large Picture Frame (mine was a thrift store find)

Picture Frame Wire

Screw Hooks


Spray Paint (Primer + desired color)Sand PaperMini Clips or clothespins 
First you want to spray paint primer onto your clips and your picture frame. Make sure you have a good thick layer. This primer base is going to come through after you sand to give it that Shabby Chic look.


After you’ve let it dry completely spray your preferred color onto the clips and the frame. Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

After you’ve allowed it to dry take your sand paper and very lightly start roughing up the edges and area that would get the most wear if it were older.

You’ll see the primer color along with some of the wood underneath. Wipe the frame clean with a rag to remove any paint dust.

Then you will take your screw hooks and place them on the inside of the frame. I decided to make the wire angled instead of level to give it a “thrown together” look. Attach the frame wire between two screw hooks. Make sure you place your pictures in-between the wires so that you are sure that you have enough room for them.

Then take your Mini Clothespins and clip your awesome Instagram photos to the wire.

DIY Instagram frame


I plan on making a few more frames like this to go alongside it in a few different sizes.

DIY Instagram frame 

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