Save Energy Right From the Source

I’m all about saving money but I’m also all about taking little steps to saving the planet as well. Now I’ve got another way to do that. The SCG Energy Saving Smart Strip Surge Protector is an awesome little gadget that turns off the power going to certain devices that are not in use to save energy.

This surfer protector can save you nearly $40 a year on your power bill. Which may not seem like much but to me that’s a tank of gas, or a trip to the grocery store. If you aren’t aware, anything you have plugged in continues to pull electricity even though it’s turned off. Some you’ll notice have little lights that stay lit or even blink.

You notice the different colors on the strip. The Blue is the Control, Red is Always On and the Green is Energy Saving Switched Outlets. The way that we have it set up works like a charm. We have the Cable box as the Control. It needs to stay on in case of DVR recordings while the TV is turned off. Next we have the TV and the Router plugged into the Always on spots. Then all the gaming systems, Blu-Ray player and speakers go into the energy saving spots. So now when the TV is turned off all of the other electronics in the green spots will not have any electricity going to them until the TV is turned back on.

It’s genius! I’ll be replacing all the power strips in my house with these. You can get the Smart Strip from Bits Ltd.  for only $29.99.

Check them out on Facebook  and Twitter @BitsLTD.

I was sent the Smart Strip to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for reading! 

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