The Secret to Staying Thin During Pregnancy

Stay active during your pregnancy with Prenatal Fitness. I also suggest getting yourself a birthing ball, you can use it before, during and after your pregnancy!

So I’ve cracked the code, the uncrackable Pregnancy Weight Gain code! You can go ahead and say it, “Meghan, you’re a genius.” I didn’t think it could be done after quite a lot of stressing about being plus sized and pregnant. Not only have I figured out how to not gain any weight (so far) I’ve managed to make it appear on my husband! That’s mad skills right there.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is cut out eating lots of food. I’m talking eating yogurt for breakfast, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and maybe a bowl of cereal for dinner. You’ll avoid the nausea and keep those cravings off your ass.
  2. Drink your body weight in water so that you can pee it out when you go to bed. The severe cotton mouth and salty taste can only be quenched with gallons and gallons of water. Followed by the insomnia of tossing and turning because you need to pee.
  3. Then you’ll have to get your husband to start having his own pregnancy cravings. First he was dipping his pizza in a bowl of chili and just last night he brought me Twizzlers and a handful of pepperoni’s. The 15 pounds I was sure that I would have gained at this point is actually on my husbands beer belly. It’s cute. Maybe the old wives tale about the father gaining the pregnancy weight that it really is a boy.

Amazon MomBeing pregnant has been rough, very rough. I barely make it through functions and trying to take care of my daughter and myself can be hard. Thank goodness things are looking a little better now that I’m in my second trimester. Here’s to a better pregnancy, because in the end “It’s for a great cause!”

Isn’t my plan great?!


My Pregnancy Must haves!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. But here are some other great Pregnancy Posts (with real advice in them)

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  1. Becca says

    It’s me becca from cookie and Claire- the doll hair tip girl! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Hope you are feeling well.
    I’m going to put an update on that post for doll hair and thought you would want to know. The new tip is if your child sleeps with rapunzel… Braid rapunzel’s hair before bed! It helps tremendously!

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