Time to Lose This Baby Weight

When I say it’s time to lose this baby weight, I’m actually referring to the weight I gained when I was pregnant with JaMonkey 5 years ago! Now that Lil’ Peanut has arrived and I’m nearly healed from my emergency c-section I can start to get some of this extra weight off my big butt.

I’m participating in the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge along with the 64 Oz Water Challenge. I’m doing the beginner workout because I’m so out of shape it might kill me.

I’ll be breaking out the old Shread Head videos along with my weight loss success tools to help me with this. I’ll post my progress and let you know how I did!

If you are new to Mamavation please tell them Meghan from JaMonkey referred you!


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  1. Pepper says

    We’ll have to be challenge buddies! Excited to have you on my side doing the beginner workout on the #2weekchallenge and the #64ozchallenge!

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