Time to Talk Bums #letstalkbums

That’s right I said it. It’s time to talk bums. I’m participating in a new campaign with Triberr and Cottenelle to get real with the truth about our bums. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. 


Let’s be honest, if you’re a mother you’ve asked the same question plenty of times also. Why in the world are we still using dry paper? We’d have less clogged toilets in our lives. No dirty plungers in our hands and spend less time in the bathroom all together. It’s silly no one thought of this sooner. Especially mothers everywhere using wipes on their kiddos. But I’ll give moms a pass because they do tend to have their hands full. Like, all the time.

So I’m anxious to know if other moms have sat and pondered this notion before as well. Because babies can be gross, as cute as they are it’s true. We carry wipes with us as a precaution. No ones likes the last minute spit up or the scary smell. So join in to watch Cherry Healy come across the pond to find out more.

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