Walking with Team Jenny & Brely Evans for the Atlanta Heart Walk

This past weekend I was honored to walk with the Jenny Craig team in the Atlanta Heart Walk. We were joined by their brand ambassador Bre’ly Evans who recently starred in Sparkle with Whitney Houston. She was so sweet and fun to talk to. Serious Krystyn joined me for the early morning walk as well with her smallest munchkin.

It was an easy 5K, I say easy because it was just a walk so I wasn’t completely red faced at the end. After the walk Jenny Craig treated walkers with some yummy snacks from their line. I met with some amazing center directors that were so informative and helpful.

It was a fantastic motivation for getting and staying more active. Bre’ly has lost 33 pounds since starting Jenny Craig and there were countless others that I spoke to with similar success.

I’m so proud to walk in the Heart Walk because of my daughters heart condition. Sibley Heart Group was also there so I had to go and give them big hugs for their amazing team of cardiologist.

Most people don’t realize that weight impacts their heart health and maintaining a healthy weight can positively impact risk factors including blood pressure and cholesterol management, blood sugar levels and BMI.  Current research surveys show that less than 1 percent of Americans are in “ideal heart health,” as defined by the AHA and that’s why Jenny is proud to be supporting the American Heart Association’s mission to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent by 2020 – American Heart Association Cardiovascular Health Consumer Survey. American Heart Association. November 2009.

I’m excited to be trying Jenny for 30 days. My goals are to keep walking in the mornings as well as “restarting” my eating habits. So wish me luck!

Here’s to a strong Finish!

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