10 Dirty Activities for Kids

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Getting outside with kids is an important learning experience. Letting them get dirty is the best part of childhood. Here are 10 activities you can let your kids do outside so that they get good and dirty!

  1. Finger Painting – No matter your child’s age, letting them express their creativity by painting is important. When they are little, let them use their hands until their motor skills develop and they can use a paintbrush.

    Toddler Painting Practical Mommy

  2. Make mudpies – Getting dirty builds the immune system so that your child doesn’t get sick as often.

    Make mud pies

  3. Play in the rain – No rainboots required. Feel the rain puddles and muds between your toes!

    Playing in the Rain Balancing Mama

  4. Play in the water – Find a creek and jump in. Explore the critters and rocks that you can find in the water.

    Playing in the Creek Miko Knows

  5. Do a Mud Run – Most mud runs have an age limit, but there are some geared towards kids. They are so much fun (for adults too).

    Mud Run Coupons are Great

  6. Plant a Garden – Not only are your kids playing in the dirt; they are learning a dying skill, how to grow your own food. Teach kids about healthy eating, cooking, and gardening all in this excellent outdoor activity. 
  7. Blow Bubbles – Find bubble blowers, big and small to make fun bubbles. Here is a parenting hack for you also, tape the bubble bottle to a post so that it doesn’t get dumped out by a giggling toddler. 
  8. Do a science experiment – Make an explosive chemical reaction outside, so you aren’t wiping volcano off your ceiling. 
  9. Have a dirt tea party – Got some toys that can be retired? Send them outside to live a dirty second life in the playhouse. 
  10. Play a sport – Kids have a lot of built-up energy. Let them run around outside with a team of other kids.

    Soccer Super Star Really, Are You Serious?
    Soccer Super Star Really, Are You Serious?

All this dirty play needs some epic clean up. Aside from an outdoor shower, Maytag laundry can help with the stubborn stains that you need to get out. 

Do you have a little leaguer in your house? One that loves to slide and dive into the bases? Starting on August 3 and running for six weeks, ballplayers of any level can upload a photo or video of their “filthy play” using “#MyFilthiestPlay” on Twitter or Instagram, for weekly prizes, and the opportunity of a lifetime – a grand prize trip to the World Series, plus a Maytag Top Load Washer and Dryer pair. Maytag’s newest Top Load Washer & Dryer pair is better built because they are designed, engineered, and assembled in America and have the power to clean big league stains. Have stains, will wash!

Although we haven’t picked up any sports yet, my girls loved getting dirty. The first day of summer camp my daughter came home looking like Pigpen from Charlie Brown!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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