10 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Fresh and New

10 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Fresh and New This post is brought to you thanks to Persil® ProClean™

Certain items in your laundry will tend to be more difficult to wash, colors will fade, and materials will wear down easily. Follow some of these laundry tips to keep your clothes looking fresh and new with minimal effort.

    1. Wash them inside out – Washing your clothes inside out will protect the outside materials while still cleaning them. It will keep the colors looking new and reduce wear done to clothing when being run through a washing and drying cycle. 
    2. Jeans? Don’t wash them. – Yes, it sounds gross, but if there are not stains on the pants and you’ve only worn them once or twice, why wash them? Keep washing to a minimum, no stains or smells means no need to clean them. Washing jeans is the number one reason why they wear out so fast. Reducing the amount that you wash your jeans to keep them fitting and looking like new. 
    3. Baking Soda – Add in 1/3 to ½ cup of baking soda to your next load of laundry, and every load after that. Baking soda combined with your normal cleaning detergent creates a cleaning that will freshen as well as protect the colors of your clothing. This is especially helpful for black and white clothing to keep the fading and yellowing away. 
    4. Cold water – Wash your clothing in cold water whenever possible. Cold water keeps in colors, reduces shrinking and uses less energy over hot water usage. Air Dry Laundry
    5. Air dry – Depending on where you live you may already be doing this. Air drying is the best way to dry your endless loads of laundry. Benefits to air drying include no shrinking from the heat of the dryer, colors are less faded, wrinkles are reduced, and it’s the least harmful way to dry your clothing.
    6. Protect delicates with laundry bags – Mesh laundry bags can be found at most stores (including many dollar stores), and delicates can be protected by using these. Reduce the amount of bends, wrinkles, damages and frays that occur to your delicate items in the laundry by using a mesh bag. Just place them in the bag before washing, wash as usual and air dry the items after the cycle has finished. 
    7. Wear them more than once – Unless it has a stain on it or you were sweating in it, you can hang it back up to wear another day. My husband does this with his nice business shirts. He wears an undershirt underneath them and when he comes home he hangs them back up to air out. This makes them last a lot longer. 
    8. Dryer Balls – Wool Dryer Balls are a natural way to reduce static and soften clothes. You can also use hard dryer balls to reduce drying time. 
    9. Separate your loads (Color / Texture / Fabric) – If you want your clothes to stay nice and bright wash them with others with the same color. Separate your colors from the whites and then break the colors into bolds and pastels. This will keep them closer to their original color. I also separate out heavy textures like towels or jeans out so they don’t tear lighter fabrics. 
    10. Pre-treat stains – It’s a simple step you can do while you’re loading the washing machine. Pre-treat those hard set in stains to make sure they come out in the wash cycle. 10 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Fresh and New

I was sent a brand new line of laundry detergent to test out from Persil® ProClean™. It comes in three different forms, Power-Liquid™, Power-Caps™ and Power-Pearls™. Each has powerful stain fighters in them and they smell fantastic. I have the hardest time keeping my whites from looking dingy so I’ve been using the Power-Pearls™ which are an innovative new detergent formulated with Pro-White Technology™ to keep whites dazzling (and dust free). You can find the new Persil® ProClean™ line exclusively at Walmart now.


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  1. I used to follow a several of these rules, but I’ve gotten lazy and I have too much laundry and less time these days. Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to do better. I didn’t know about baking soda – interesting! I’ll have to check out Persil too.

  2. My husband has asked me why I have so many mesh bags…. what if we have to was ALL the delicates at once?! I might be starting up a collection, but at least I have them handy! I haven’t thought about using baking soda before… that’s a great idea!

  3. Washing your clothes too often can wear them down and make them start to look old so any tricks to slow the process down are great. I like what you said about washing your clothes inside out. That’s a good way to keep them like new. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great advice for keeping your laundry fresh. I love dryer balls but I forgot they were out there. I am definitely going to give these a try soon. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Hey Great share,,,

    Thanks for sharing wonderful tips for keeping the laundry fresh and new. Your tips are really beneficial. Hope to see more stuff from your side.

    Keep Sharing…!!!!


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