20 Things to Snack on While Watching Fireworks

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20 Things to Snack on While Watching FireworksWhen it comes to the Fourth of July, there is nothing my kids look forward to more than going to watch the fireworks! Out of all the day’s activities, this is hands down our favorite. After grilling out and playing with sparklers, it’s time to find something on the sweet side to enjoy while watching the fireworks. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite treats to enjoy while watching the fireworks. Here are 20 fun things to snack on while watching fireworks!

  1. Patriotic Popcorn – Popcorn is a classic treat, but why stop there? Turn your popcorn into a festive patriotic treat!Patriotic Popcorn
  2. Firecracker Marshmallow Pops –  This is another super easy recipe that you can make with the family and bring to any patriotic gathering. The kids love them. Firecracker Marshmallow Pops
  3. Fourth of July Fruit Kabobs – For those looking for a healthier treat to snack on, these fruit kabobs are a must!Firework Fruit Kabobs
  4. Rice Krispy Pops – What is better than a classic Rice Krispy treat? Adding pop rocks to it!rice krispies
  5. Patriotic Snack Cakes – If you’re short on time, don’t fret, these snack cakes take a mere 15 minutes to whip up.Patriotic Snack Cakes
  6. Muddy Buddy Chex Mix – Gluten-free and with a patriotic twist, you can’t go wrong with these muddy buddy chex mix snacks.Patriotic Smore Chex Mix
  7. American Flag Pretzel Rods – Just five ingredients, one microwave, and 30 minutes, and you have a sweet and savory snack that’s easy for those on the go.Flag Pretzel Rods
  8. Patriotic Cookie Dough Truffles – These cookie dough truffles are just the right amount of sweet and ease. This dessert only takes a few minutes to whip up, and only two ingredients!Patriotic Truffle
  9. Patriotic Oreo Pops – If you’ve got a large crowd to feed and not a lot of time, these Oreo pops are the perfect treat!Patriotic Oreo Pops
  10. 4th of July Pretzels – These fourth of July pretzels only need four ingredients to create this amazing treat.4th of July pretzels
  11. Patriotic Fruit Rollups – Looking for something portable, healthy, and patriotic? You will find it all with these patriotic fruit rollups.Patriotic Fruit Filled Roll Ups
  12. Red, White, and Blue Bark – This fun dessert is perfect for those looking for an easy treat, and a lot of patriotic colors!Patriotic Bark
  13. Patriotic Fortune Cookies – This quick and easy treat is perfect for last-minute snacks for the firework show.Patriotic Fortune Cookies
  14. Fourth of July Firecracker Cakelette – You won’t need a whole slice of cake with these fun and festive cakelettes!fourth of july firecracker cakelette
  15. Fourth of July Pretzel Bark – This fourth of July pretzel bark is easy to whip up and you can even store it for a few days in advance!Red White and Blue Pretzel Bark
  16. Firework Pudding Cookies – What is better than pudding? Pudding cookies of course! These firework cookies put a patriotic spin on the classic cookie.Fireworks Pudding Cookies
  17. Firecracker Chocolate Marshmallows – This quick and easy treat is so simple to make, but so delicious!Patriotic Marshmallows
  18. Patriotic Snack – Your kids are going to love this easy and patriotic snack! It’s so simple to make, they can make it themselves.Patriotic Graham Crackers
  19. Angel Food Cake Sparklers – This fun dessert is so easy to make, and your kids can help make it too!fruit sparklers
  20. Red, White, and Blue Fruit Ice Pops – If you’re staying close to home and don’t mind the melting mess, you can make these healthy iced fruit pops! Red White and Blue Fruit Ice Pops


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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