2013 Resolutions Become Evolutions


This year needs to be more than a resolution to do something. It needs to be a change for good. So this year I’m not just making resolutions. I’m turning my resolutions into Evolutions! I’ll be incorporating them into my blog and bringing you along for the ride with awesome giveaways to help you get moving, organized and eating healthy!

So here we go. The 2013 List! Follow my Resolve to Evolve Pinterest board to see great tips and progress.

1. Organize every room in my house to reduce clutter and get rid of the things we don’t need or use. I kept EVERYTHING from the girls and now that the youngest is growing out of stuff I need to get rid of it all. I’m not planning on anymore kiddos so it’s just taking up space. In a perfect world I would sell it all in consignment sales.

2. Walk More – Outside, inside it doesn’t matter.

3. RUN a 5K -I completed my first 10K last November but that was walking. It’s time to work on this running thing!

4. Organize and Keep track of my Blog better. – Last year I was doing really good with this and then Peanut came flying into the picture and everything became a hot mess. I’m going to redo my Blogging planner and create some new pages to help me keep track of everything.I found an awesome Expense Tracker so I was able to track my spending really well this year!

5. Double my blogging income. – Last year was a great year but it was just the beginning of something great! Nailed it and Doubled my traffic!

6. Pay off debt – I want to use the extra money that I am making blogging to pay off our credit card and medical debt that we are still working on from Lil’ Peanuts crazy birth. I managed to pay off one card but eating organically took a huge chunk of the budget.

7. Take a family vacation – Last year we took an amazing trip to Pensacola, Florida and it was the best time we spent all year. Because my husband enjoyed himself! We went to Disney World! It was crazy busy and chaotic but it was still fun!

8. Get my husband more involved – He’s a stink in the mud, pure and simple but I get invited to a LOT of events that I wish he would accompany me to. It’s a big goal to get him to these things! Huge turn around!

9. Eat Better – Natural / Organic foods. No more hormones and preservatives we only buy organic or natural now. Not even food in cans!

10. Spending Fast – No more spending! Only buying things we need to survive. Eat out (not any more) I’ll be making my husbands lunch from now on. unfortunately, eating organic foods is expensive so this is where our money went.

11. Lose 50 pounds – This is the same one I have every year. Lose the baby weight that I’ve gained from my first child. I’ve already lost the weight from the second its just the extra that needs to come off. I lost 15 pounds on my Shaklee180 but after completing the program gained it all back because I ate too much junk.

12. Grow a garden – Last year our garden was amazing and we saved a ton of money on fruits and veggies so we plan on doing that one again. we grew an even bigger organic garden that produced a lot. We lost a lot to the rain though. It’s become a year round garden now.


Go a week without carbs

Drink 64 oz of water a day for one week.

Stay on a schedule

Take time off to be away from the schedule I got pretty heavy into reading some books and checked out for awhile. It was nice.

Read 10 books

Work with Brands I love

Break down a wall (and build a bed into it 😉

Take better pictures

Meet Michelle Obama


Can’t wait to get you guys involved with these great giveaways and motivation. I’ll post all my progress and what I did with you.

Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooperhttps://jamonkey.com
Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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  1. I decided to not put any fitness or weight loss goals on my resolution list this year, instead, it’s all about greener living. Good for you for writing down all your goals! Happy New Year!


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