21 Week Baby Bump

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I can now take pictures of my belly without people being confused if I’m just fat or really pregnant!

Some of my other Belly Bumps:

12 Weeks

14 Weeks


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  1. Congrats!! LOL I heard my wife saying the same things.. Just wanted to get bigger so people didn’t think she was fat. Started @ 100lbs so that first pile of weeks she didn’t want strangers to see the bump.. now at 7mo+ there’s nothing to hide 🙂

    • Jesus I haven’t been 100 lbs since before High school I have been lucky enough that I haven’t gained any weight yet this pregnancy! I have a LOT to work off, including my first child…lol Congrats to you also!

  2. Cute! Baby bumps are awesome! & kudos on 21 weeks! That means you’ve gone through more weeks than you actually have left! (sort of like an early countdown!) Lol!

  3. How exciting for you! Hope your are feeling well. (I think it’s great too that you get to blog about the whole experience. I was not blogging at the time I was pregnant with the kids.) Happy Wed.!

    • Totally fair when you are overweight from the beginning. I’m only aloud to gain around 15 pounds this pregnancy. Plus I wasn’t eating much during the first trimester.


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