25 Amazing Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

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25 Amazing Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will LoveIf you want to give out healthier treats, these 21 Amazing Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love are perfect for your trick or treaters. You don’t have to give out dental floss and apples to be a healthier option for kids. With great places to shop like the Dollar Tree or even ordering from Oriental Trading, you’ll be able to grab tons of non-candy treats on a budget this year. Fill your candy bowl with these great treats and watch kids get excited for something fun that lasts longer than a piece of chewing gum. 

25 Amazing Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

  1. Silly Bands: Handout bags of 10-15 silly bands, or stuff 2-3 into a baggie with other treats.
  2. Gold Dollar Coins: If you are only passing out to a few kids, then stop by the bank and grab some gold coins.
  3. Yo-Yo’s: We love the neon and glow in the dark variety.
  4. Slap Bracelets: You can find tons of great designs and styles to choose from and ever kid (and many adults) love these.
  5. Slinkies: Mini slinkies are always fun. Look for neon, glow in the dark, sparkly or tie dyed.
  6. Chalk Markers: Chalk markers are great for at home chalkboards and chalkboard paint with far less mess.
  7. Mood Rings: Every kid enjoys seeing what mood the ring says they are in.
  8. Mini Nail Polish: Perfect for little girls buckets. Mini nail polish sets are often found on sale at drug stores. Pair them with a Mini emery board and you have a super cute handout. 
  9. Costume Jewelry: Grab beads, rings, bracelets and pins for low prices in bulk packages to give away. Mardi Gras beads are super cheap and you can get a lot. 
  10. Silly Putty: Always fun for everyone to use and create duplications of comic strips and more.
  11. Goop or Gak (slime): A favorite noisy and fun Halloween themed treat.
  12. Mini Puzzles: Handheld games or puzzles are always fun to slide into a treat bag. Oriental Trading and Amazon have dozens of choices. You can find them in the Target $1 bin and bigger ones at the Dollar Tree.
  13. Toy Snakes or Spiders: Stick with the theme of the holiday and put toy plastic snakes or spiders in the treat bags.
  14. Stickers: Pick up rolls of a variety of stickers and cut apart. Handout 2-3 to younger kids as hey come to your door to trick or treat.
  15. Fake Tattoos: Grab large packages and cut these apart for individual tattoos to hand out to kids.
  16. Bubbles: Gab small bottles of bubbles at the Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading or on Amazon to hand out. Get themed or just plain bubbles. You can also find these at the Dollar Store in the wedding section. A case is a $1! 
  17. Hacky Sacks: These are fun to give to boys that love playing with balls. Hacky sack is tons of fun for everyone.
  18. Marbles or Jacks: Small bags of jacks and marbles are always a fun game to hand out.
  19. Playdough: Every kid likes playing with a bit of playdough from time to time.
  20. Whistles: This may make parents mad, but kids will love having their own whistle. Ones on necklaces are even better.
  21. Glow sticks: Perfect for being out in the dark at Halloween!
  22. Stamps: My girls love getting stamps as much as they do getting stickers. 
  23. Pencils and Erasers: You know they will use them for school!
  24. Books: The Dollar Store also has lots of great little books that you can pass out!
  25. Treasure Chest Assortments: You can find a grab bag style collection of handouts. This is our favorite one because it includes lots of stuff! Whatever is left over we send to our teachers for Treasure Box rewards for the kid’s good behavior. 

This list includes tons of kid tested and mother approved non-candy Halloween treats kids will love receiving this year!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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