5 Tips for Creating the Best Easter Basket

5 Tips for Creating the Best Easter BasketCreating the perfect Easter basket is easier than you think. These 5 tips will give you some great ideas for special gifts and treats all while keeping it eco-friendly.

  1. Recycled Easter Basket – Keep your Easter baskets from previous years. Store them with your Easter decorations just like you would Christmas decorations. Pick out a great one you love and stick with it. Switch it up each year and give your kids the opposite color. They only care about what is in the basket, not what it looks like. Plus, you’ll save money not having to buy a new one each year.
  2. Use Paper Grass – If you like using grass in the bottom of your baskets to make them pretty, I can’t stress enough that you should use paper instead of plastic. The paper grass will biodegrade but what awful plastic stuff will now.
  3. Buy Awesome Chocolate – We all know you are the one sneaking into your kids Easter baskets when they go to sleep. So stock it with the good stuff. Our favorite is Lindt Chocolate, it literally melts in your mouth. Their Lindt GOLD BUNNY hops into our home every year. We always spring for the dark chocolate ones. The LINDOR truffles are another favorite. Need another great reason to snag that GOLD BUNNY? April is Autism awareness month and for the sixth year proceeds from your purchase of the Lindt  GOLD BUNNY goes to Autism Speaks.Lindy Chocolate Easter Candy
  4. Buy Functional Gifts – Those Easter themed toys are just going to end up in the trash in a few weeks so save yourself some money and be more eco-friendly with gifts your kids will actually use. As cute as those stuffed animals are they never get played with and they end up in a stuffed animal bin with all the others. Great gifts include Toothbrushes (for all that chocolate they are going to eat), Books, Character Cups, Hair accessories, Outside toys (bubbles, balls, pool toys, chalk).
  5. Don’t Go Overboard – You don’t need a ton of stuff in your basket. I balance things out by placing little toys,  LINDOR eggs and coins in the plastic Easter eggs that we hide around the house. It’s a little-hidden treasure.easter no

When I was a kid we have an Easter tradition of going over to my grandparent’s house every Easter. She would hide Easter eggs filled with money all over the house and yard for all the grandchildren to find. Me, my siblings and all my cousins would make a mad dash to find the Golden egg that has a $5 bill in it! After the hunt, we would have a huge breakfast together. It’s one of my favorite past times so it’s something I’ve been doing with my kids as well. We now hold an Easter egg hunt at our home each year. No fighting for eggs in the crowded events around town. We also hide the girls Easter baskets and run around the house looking for them in the morning. After the baskets have been found we eat our big breakfast together, then we head outside to hunt for the hidden eggs. It’s a fun-filled day that I look forward to sharing with the kids each year. 

Be sure to check out the Lindt Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LindtChocolate)  to play the “Build a Better Easter Basket with #LindtGOLDBUNNY” Facebook game for a chance to win a Lindt Easter basket of your own!  Then make sure you join Lindt, myself and hundreds of others on April 8th from 9-10pm EST as we share tips for building the perfect Easter basket, discuss Easter family traditions, and trade Easter dinner recipe ideas.  Follow Lindt on Twitter @Lindt_Chocolate along with the hashtags #LindtGOLDBUNNY and #gno to take part in the conversation!

What do you put in your Easter baskets?


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  1. Great post!! Yeah, always go for the paper grass rather than the plastic stuff. And great tip on the placement of toys and treats- if there are too many things in a basket, the overall effect is diminished. Thanks.

  2. Great ideas on Easter baskets! Love the one for recycling the old baskets. This year I’m not buying any and my girls and I are going to have few recycling projects on Easter thematic. Definitely making all we need with our own hands and making it out of paper, plastic, cardboard, baskets from previous years. Thank you for the inspiration!


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