5 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Reading – Speakaboos Review

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Ways to get your kids to read Some children love to read while others could care less. Creating a love for reading early is important in the learning process. Here are some tips to make sure your kids are not only reading, but enjoying it. 

Set a “Reading Time” – We read books right before bed. With my oldest, that means a chapter of the book she is currently reading while the younger one gets two children’s books while we tuck her in. Now that the kids are out of school there will be more screen time, so it’s about finding a balance between the apps that they are using. two-kids-2

Use reading apps like Speakaboos – Speakaboos is a reading app for kids (ages 2-6) that helps turn screen time into reading time by motivating children of all reading levels to engage with digital stories. Developed by educational media experts (including Dr. Alice Wilder of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!), Speakaboos features a library of over 200 stories categorized by categories like vehicles, robots, princesses, animals, classic stories, and more. Stories include animated characters, vibrant illustrations, and touchscreen interactions, all to keep children engaged while reading and learning! (Coupon and free trial info at the bottom of this post) You can access Speakaboos online or download on your Android or iOS.

Enter to win a free year of Speakaboos below!robot-and-princess-story-screen

My daughter loves the guided pick your story method because it allows her to interact with the story and keep her engaged longer. Speakaboos has stories for children of every reading level – from just learning to read to fully independent readers. If you have more than one reader in the house Speakaboos stories feature multiple reading modes (Read to Me, Read & Play, and Read it Myself) based on a child’s individual reading level and grows with a child as their skills progress.

Find their favorites – Everyone tends to lean towards a favorite genre. I’m a fan of science fiction, dystopia, and fantasy. My oldest has a love for mystery and fantasy. Once you find the books they love to read it will be easier to find a good series to keep them reading for months!

Read to them – Even when they are old enough to read themselves it can be frustrating trying to sound out all the words. Having the story read to them with your fingers on the words will help with word recognition and pronunciation. image

Lead by example – Immerse yourself in a good book and your kids will follow along with you. I happen to be a fan of young adult books and even fantasy children’s books, so I have no problem sitting down and getting lost in everything on our bookshelves. 

Speakaboos is free to download and offers a 7 day free trial for all users. Click here to start your free trial. After the trial, you can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription for unlimited access.

Speakaboos is offering an exclusive discount for JaMonkey readers. Click here to receive 30% off your monthly or yearly subscription today.

You can access Speakaboos online or download on your Android or iOS.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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