50 Puntastic Valentines Ideas for Kids

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I’m a sucker for cheesy Valentine’s day cards, so I always look for silly puns and play on words that make my kids giggle also. Here are some great Valentine’s Puns that your kids can give away at school, and they all have printables (most FREE) that you print at home.

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Non-Candy Valentines
Candy and Snack Valentine Puns
Healthy Valentines
Simple Printables and Art Valentines


Non-Candy Valentines

1. I love watching our friendship grow – See the full tutorial with video and free printable for the Recycled Seed Paper Hearts
Recycled Seed Paper Heart Valentines
2. You’re as sharp as Cupids Arrow – Download the printable here. Pencil Sharpener Valentines

3.I’m hooked on you! – Everyone loves making Rainbow Loom bracelets. Download the Rainbow Loom PrintableRainbow Loom Valentines
4. You’re so a’doh‘able – Playdough Recipe and printableAdohable Playdough Valentines
5. Our class would knot be the same without you – Grab your Friendship Bracelet Maker and make your friends a cute bracelet then print the free Friendship Bracelet Printable
Friendship Bracelet Valentines
6. You make my heart race – You can find Matchbox Cars in a 20 pack set.
You make my heart race Car Valentine
7. You’re a-maze-ing – A-maze-ing Printable I also found these great Valentine Maze Puzzle Fun Favors with CardsMaze Valentine
8. Have a ball this Valentines Day – Grab some Bounce Balls and download this A Ball PrintableBouncy Ball Valentine
9. You make my heart glow – Grab some Glowsticks and then download the Heart Glow PrintableGlow Stick Valentine
10. You color my world – Recycle those old broken crayons for a colorful Valentine. Crayon tutorial.Crayon Valentines
11. Let’s paint the town – These Watercolor Valentines are awesome, you’ll need these Mini Watercolor Sets
Watercolor Valentines
12. You rule – You can use Wooden Rulers or Colorful Flexible Rulers then slide them into Ruler printables.You Rule Valentines
13. Being your friend makes me burst with joy – Grab some Bubbles
favors at your local dollar store in the wedding section and the tape them to the Bubble Valentines PrintableBubble Valentines
14. You blow me away – You can use Bubble Wands with a Heart on top with these
Blow me away printablesYou Blow Me Away Valentine
15. Love Bugs – I love these Insect Finger Puppets with the Love Bugs PrintableLove Bug Valentines
16. Will Zoo be mine – Grab some cheap Jungle Animals and print theseZoo ValentinesZoo Animal Valentines
17. I am so glad we are in the same troop – Strap some Army Men to these Army Men PrintableArmy Men Valentines
18. You make the world colorful – You’ll need these Watercolor Paint Sets with Brush favors
Colorful PrintablesWater Color Paint Valentines
19. I “mustache” you a question – Download the Mustache Printables and buy someAdhesive Mustaches PacksMustache Valentines
Mustache Valentines
20. I’m crazy for you – Get these cute Silly Straws and then prnit the Crazy straw tagsCrazy Straw Valentines
21. I’ve had my eye on you – You can find these little Magnifying Glasses and attach them to the Magnifying glass printablesMagnifying Glass Valentines
22. Whoopee it’s Valentine’s Day – You can get Mini Whoopee Cushion to attach the Whoopie cushion templateWhoopie cushion valentines
23. Dropping Down to wish you a happy valentines – You’ll need these Army Parachute Men and the Parachute Printable Dropping Down Parachute Valentine
24. You are dinomite – More Jungle Animals with a cuteTiny Animals Printables Tiny Animals Valentines
25. You brighten my day – You can find some Heart Shaped Sunglasses and attach the Brighten my day printableSunglasses Valentines

Candy and Snack Valentine Puns

26. Sweet Kisses for my Valentine – Kisses PrintableKisses Valentines
27. You Rock – If you aren’t sure how to make your own rock candy you can buy a tub of Mixed Rock Candy On A Stick
and attach a simple You Rock PrintableRock Candy Valentines
28. We might as well be Nerds together – Nerds PrintableWe Might As Well Be Nerds Together Valentine Printable in four colors
29. Smartie Pants Printable
Smartie Pants Valentines
30. Glad you’re in my school – Fish Bowl Printablegoldfish bowl valentine
31. To my favorite PeepsPeep printablesPeep Valetines
32. Donut you know…how much I like you! – Donut BagsDonut Valentines
33. I’m a sucker for you – I love the Assorted Swirl Lollipops
with a simple Sucker StickersSucker Sticker Valentines
34. I dig you – I dig you printables I Dig You Valetines
35. Mint to be together – Tic Tac Labels
Tic Tac Valentines
36. You Rock – Another Rock one but this time with Pop Rocks, a classic that goes great with these Pop Rocks PrintablePop Rocks Valentines
37. Sprinkled with love – Sprinkled printablesSprinkles Valentines
38. A big bear hug – Bear Hug PrintablesBear Hug Valentines
39. Nacho average Valentine – Cheesy Doritos PrintableNacho-Average-valentine-edit-3
40. You are a catch – Get an Assorted Swedish Fish
Fish PrintablesDorito Nacho Cheese Valentines
41. You are extra awesome – Grab a cheap set ofExtra awesome printablesm-extra-valentine-2
42. I think you’re a starStarburst printable and craft tutorial starburst

Healthy Valentines

43. Awesome Sauce Applesauce – Awesome Sauce LabelsAwesome Sauce Valentines
44. You are the Apple of my eye? – Fruit tagsFruit Valentine Tags
45. You’re my main squeeze – Get the GoGo Squeez Pouches and tie theSqueeze printableApplesauce Squeeze Valentines
46. Follow the trail to my heart – Trail mix printableTrail Mix Valentines
47. Peel the Love and Orange you glad we’re friends – Orange Printableil_570xN.569245132_3jdn

Simple Paper and Kids Art Valentines

48. I only have eyes for you – Eyes printable and kids craft tutorial Monster Kid Made Valentines
49. You make my heart soarPaper airplane valentines
Paper Airplane Valentines
50. You’re number 1 in my bookBookmark printable Bookmark Valentines

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. My kids and I enjoy punny jokes too. Maybe this year I’ll actually get my act together and help them make some valentines. They are old enough now to make some nice ones. Thanks for sharing these links!

  2. I am trying to get the “I only have eyes for you” printable and it says that it is expired. Can you either renew it or send the template to me? Thanks!


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