90’s Trend Making a Comeback – Jelly Shoes

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Guess what is making a come back? If you haven’t seen my Instagram feed yet then you’re still in the dark. The 90’s styles are trending with fashionistas everywhere. I’ve watched it happen all summer long, but my favorite trend is the Jelly sandals!  The retro shoe look is a fun one to style. You can pair them with your high waisted ripped shorts. Call them what you want; Jellies, Jbeans, Jelly Beans, Jelly shoes or Jelly sandals. 

Jelly Beans Sandals

My little girl loves dressing herself up like she’s ready for the runway. She is always changing into new outfits. Sometimes multiple times a day. They don’t always match. I’m still trying to teach her about matching colors, prints, and stripes. I usually just let her wear what she likes though. Because when comes skipping into the room with her wacky outfits, it’s priceless. Her independence shines when I don’t want her to change because it doesn’t match. She was nothing but excited when her pink Jelly Beans sandals came to the door. Jbeans come in a bunch of great colors! 


You can find Jelly sandals in the same woven design from when I was a girl. My parents even commented on how much I loved my Jelly sandals. Enough to send one of them into the river to fetch it when it fell off. Now my daughter can love her Jelly Beans as I did. On little kids, they go with everything. On adults, they add a pop of color or at least a good throwback to the 90’s style. 

Jelly Beans Sandals

We paired her Pink Jelly sandals with a fun summer dress. It has a high low cut at the bottom and a colorful hibiscus flower print. It has a cute thin blue belt around the waist to pull it all together. It’s cute but still completely her style. 

I recently got an adorable pair of Crocs that have the jelly sandal look to them, but they are so much more comfortable. 

The best thing about Jelly sandals are all the fun colors they come in. They even come sparkly clear ones. I want a pair of red ones to pop with my outfits. 

The only downside to jelly sandals are the blisters that normally come with them. They aren’t for long walks unless you buy some with good supported soles. 


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I remember those from when I was in grade school which was back in the 80’s, so it’s true that fashion makes a comeback nearly every decade I guess LOL!

  2. How adorable does your daughter look? My daughter has the same color and LOVES them! She can’t wait to show them off to her friends.

  3. I so remember when these were a hit I loved mine. I don’t think I could get my daughter to wear them, maybe if she saw lots of her friends wearing them.

  4. I do not remember Jellies in the 90s, but I certainly remember them from the 80s. I wore them in 8th grade.

  5. Jellies first came out in 40s for boys and men. Very popular for boys during the 50s and again in the 60s. For some reason or other, they were only released for girls after that.


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