A Close Look at Coral Reef at the Georgia Aquarium

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One of my favorite things to do at the Georgia Aquarium is to explore Behind the Scenes. You get an inside look at the inner workings of the aquarium and what it takes to keep it up and running. You also get an inside look at the conservation efforts and animals that are born here in the Georgia Aquarium. 

Our favorite place to go is the Tropical Diver area to see how the waves are made and the coral is grown for the Pacific Barrier Reef Habitat! Just like a garden is grown in a special environment like a greenhouse, coral is grown in a special tank at the aquarium. You can only see this on the Behind the Scenes tour also. The reef is so colorful and magical to see up close like this. 

The Georgia Aquarium has a wonderful conservation program for numerous animals as well as for corals. Unfortunately, scientists agree that the reefs are in grave danger. In a recent National Geographic article, they quoted the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization claiming that “of the 29 World Heritage reef areas, at least 25 of them will experience twice-per-decade severe bleaching events by 2040—a frequency that will rapidly kill most corals present and prevent successful reproduction necessary for recovery of corals.” 

Coral reefs face many challenges. As carbon dioxide levels rise, ocean waters are becoming more acidic and it is getting harder for corals to build the hard skeletons that make up the reefs on which so many species depend. Global warming can cause bleaching and deaths of corals, while sewage runoff and sedimentation from coastal lands can smother them with algae or infect them with lethal diseases like white pox. – Georgia Aquarium

Hearing that coral reef around the world is suffering is heartbreaking. Especially when you hear that reef provides habitat for a million. 

Coral Reef Awareness Week is July 16-22 at the Georgia Aquarium! I highly suggest you take a Behind the Scenes tour so that you can get a look at the Tropical Diver area. Seeing how they grow the coral and make the waves for this living reef is just magical! 

We need to start acting now to keep this beautiful wonder alive for the many different species that call it home. Stop by the Georgia Aquarium to learn more and see the great work they are doing. 

For $15, you can enhance your Georgia Aquarium visit with a Behind the SEAS tour at some of the most popular exhibits, including Tropical Diver.

*Pro Tip: On your next visit, check out the dive presentations in Tropical Diver, which occur daily at 10:30 a.m.

Observe Tropical Diver on your favorite device with Georgia Aquarium’s Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef Webcam. Webcams are available from 8 a.m-11 p.m. ET.

Georgia Aquarium’s free and easy-to-use mobile app enhances your journey through the galleries and helps you dive deeper into your Aquarium experience. You’ll discover fun facts and information about the Aquarium’s marine animals, voyage through the galleries with guided audio tours and receive updates on show times, programs, character appearances and more!

Helpful Links about Georgia Aquarium’s coral reef conservation efforts:
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Animal Guide to Soft Coral
Saving the Reefs: Coral Baby Update

I was provided a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Georgia Aquarium. All opinions are my own. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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