A Disney Playdate Kind of Day

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I was provided with party supplies to host a Disney Playdate. 

What’s better than getting together with friends to play and have a Disney Playdate! Last weekend we got together and had a fun playdate so the kids could cut loose. I also got a fun new backdrop that has Cinderella Castle on it that I was dying to break out. We set it up and turned it into a photobooth with these fun HP photo strip paper so the kids could take them home as souvenirs. Of course the bigger kids dominated the photobooth making a million faces including duck faces! They little ones got to make some fun Sorcerer Mickey Mouse hats. 

They used foam star stickers to decorate them and added a few of their favorite characters as well. My little one didn’t want to take hers off. She wore it around for the rest of the day! After we decorated some hats we played a fun game of Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt. I placed some Mickey Mouse heads all over the house and the kids took their cards around to locate them. They were all bursting with energy so we sent them outside to play while we got their food ready. Playdates =  wear them out! We like things super easy when we are having our playdates.Kids don’t care about crazy fancy, they care about GET IN MY BELLY! Pop Secret Popcorn, cupcakes, yogurt raisins and pizza! 

It was a fantastic day of fun, friends, and Disney! The kids had a blast and had lots of fun things to take home with them as well. Squish asked me when we were having another one. She wants to make this a regular thing! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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