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We’ve been a MAM household since my first baby was born in 2007. The selection and options they have are larger than any other brand I’ve seen as well. Since 2007 they have made some changes including a great new pacifier. There are lots of pacifiers out on the market but there is only one that we come back to again and again and that is the MAM brand. I’m going to show you some of the great products that we use and love.

MAM Pacifiers have been in our collection since 2007. Starting from the moment my JaMonkey was born she loved them. They have different nipple shapes that change as they grow for orthodontic reasons. You can see from this picture the different kinds. From left to right; 6+ pacifier that has the orthodontic shape for babies that are starting to break teeth. 0+ pacifier that is more rounded or oval shaped is is also the smallest to accommodate little baby noses. 2+ pacifier is the same as the 0+ but a little larger, making it easier for them to hold onto.  Last is the new MAM Perfect.

MAM Perfect with the new Dento-Flex®  nipple neck which was developed with Orthodontists & Pediatric Dentists to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. MAM is known for their stylish designs for their pacifiers and the MAM Perfect is just another to add to their fancy collection (and ours).

MAM also has a fantastic line of teething products. Many different kinds with different purposes.

This is the MAM Bite & Brush. It’s perfect for little hand to grip because of the dimples around the handle. The part that baby bites has tiny soft silicone bristles. Perfectly shaped for baby’s mouth as well.

This cute little guy is the oral care rabbit. It allows you you to start a good oral care routine by using your finger to rub your baby’s new teeth. You can also use it to sooth your little teether by massaging sore gums.

The Starter Teether & Clip is one of my favorites because with slippery drooly hands tend drop toys and they end up on the dirty floor or in the dirt itself. The clip can be taken off and used on other toys as well to keep you from playing the pick up game while walking through the mall.

MAM has a line of bottles with a unique nipple that some children prefer. These are the Anti-Colic bottles. The other amazing thing that this bottles offers is the self sterilizing feature. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom and place the nipple portion inside and fill with 20ml of water, microwave for 3 minutes and your bottles just sterilized themselves!

A Paci this good gets stolen! JaMonkey as a baby, her little friend used MAM too.
Peanut with her MAM Paci

We love the MAM product line and will continue to get their amazing products. Some of my favorites are the glow in the dark pacifiers, great for finding them in the middle of the night. The pacifier clips are also great. Check out everything MAM has to offer at www.mambaby.com.

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MAM provided me with some of the products you see here. Others were purchased by myself.

Meghan Cooper
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  1. My favorite MAM product is the binky. I swear when we lose them (and we lose many) we have to go store to store find them. Thanks for the chance.

  2. the oral care rabbit looks great!! i think that would be so helpful in getting my little guy used to brushing his teeth!!

  3. I love MAM bottles. I used to teach at a daycare, and learned about them there. The nipple design is really neat.

  4. I want the brush and bite teether. doesn’t look like it would be a choking hazard like some of the other teethers I have been seeing lately

  5. I would honestly love to try their pacifiers. I never bothered with my first two (per doctor’s orders) and feel it would have been a wonderful self-soother for my babies (as opposed to them cluster feeding – tiring for a bfing mom). Baby #3 is due in six weeks and he will definitely be giving binkies a try. 🙂

  6. I want to try the oral care rabbit. My son loves the MAM pacifiers but HATES his toothbrush so far, so I feel like that would be a great alternative for now!

  7. I can’t wait to try the anti colic bottles, I didn’t use MAM products with my first daughter, but plan on using them with my second who is due any week now, to win this would be a huge financial blessing.

  8. My favorite product is their bottles, its the only one that my 100% breastfed daughter would take and i would love to try the oral care rabbit!

  9. The MAM bottles were a lifesaver when my son was born, he wouldn’t take any other bottle. With the baby I’m expecting, I would like to try their teethers. They look good for reaching back teeth.

  10. I want to try the glow in the dark pacifiers, what a great idea when you are half asleep in the middle of the night.

  11. Our baby loves their pacifiers as well as the anti-colic bottles. MAM products are especially designed with the little ones in mind and that is what I love about their products

  12. My favorite MAM product is the amazing pacifiers! My son loves these, and ever since trying them he won’t use any other paci. As much as he loves the pacis I can’t wait to try the teethers and other great products. As he grows I’m going to make sure MAM products grow with him!

  13. My little one loves the MAM Perfect. She’ll take the original MAM paci during the day, but for bed time, Perfect is the only way! <3

  14. I have a bit of a MAM paci addiction…. Atleast that’s what I’m told. I love the designs and so does my baby girl… I’m all MAM bottles …. Binks…. And when she needs them teethers and toddler cups!

  15. MAM pacis are the ONLY brand my son will take! I love that they won’t effect his teeth and the GLOW IN THE DARK ones are a LIFESAVER at night! He’s even gotten to the point he’ll find it himself and put it in (longer sleep times for mama! yay!)


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