A Handy Lil’ Helper

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I’m all for helpful baby products. Most of the products in the Modern Baby, Modern Mom series have all been products that were created to fill a need parents couldn’t find on the market. The Lil’ Helper is no different. A busy parent needed a simple solution and made it himself! Now some may think this is a “lazy parenting” tool but I completely disagree. It’s really a multitasking miracle. Sometimes you just need your hands but you are struggling to hold and feed your baby. The Lil’ Helper helps to prop up the baby’s bottle at the perfect angle while resting on their chest or in their hands.



Some of the Lil’ Helper features:

  • Fits most bottle sizes
  • Seconds as a toy
  • Travel friendly
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for multiples


Check out the Lil’ Helper in action. My Lil’ Peanut is 7 months old in this picture. You can see that she is holding the Lil’ Helper herself. It allows her to hold it in a more natural position since she doesn’t seem to want to reach very far to hold the bottle itself just yet.

The bottom contours to her chest so that it doesn’t rock back and fourth (unless she makes it by picking it up and moving it). This was a large Dr. Browns bottle that we used in it. It was easy for her to hold the bottle in place with it. This would be great on the go because if you’ve ever steered a stroller while keeping your hand on a bottle in the baby’s mouth it can be pretty difficult.

You can also see at the bottom they worked in two little rattles. So when it’s not in use they can still play with it and hold it. It comes in two colors. Pink or Blue and retails for only $12.97 on their site!

We really liked the Lil’ Helper and use it a lot on the go or when I’m trying to write a blog post, talk on the phone or cooking dinner while my preschooler complains of how starving she is all the time. It’s a fantastic invention. I imagine if you have twins or more that this would be EXTREMELY handy!


I was sent to Lil’ Helper to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Wow that looks like a cool tool…wish I would have had that when my son was bottle feeding! It would make a great shower gift though

  2. That is the smartest design I’ve seen. I didn’t use bottles for my boys but in a daycare setting, I bottle fed many babies. This would have been so nice to have. There is no way a child could get hurt using this, either.


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