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If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter you know I like to share a lot about the shows that I’m watching. Especially when Scandal is on. Don’t act like you aren’t guilty of stalking the hashtag to see other gladiators thoughts about the plot twists. It’s generally just pictures and words though. Until now! There is a new app called ConnecTV that allows you to “Clip” 6 second clips and write something on the clip so that you can share it on your social sites. ConnecTV

I tested it out while I was watching Sleepy Hollow the other day. I caught this really funny moment (fist bump) in a show that is normally very serious and creepy! I was able to share with other die hard fans while we watched the show live. It created great engagement and I even got a few new followers that also liked Sleep Hollow.

There are over 400 networks that you can clip from, so I’m sure your favorite show is bound to be on there for you to share. The only thing they need now is to make the clips embeddable so I can share them like a Vine.

When you are in the app you can see what others are clipping and saying at the same time. I can even share their clips with my followers. It really is the future of social sharing. I’m so excited about it. Here is another new guilty pleasure, Almost human. Scandal is my go to show right now though. I have a band of people I tweet with on twitter with an altered hashtag so it’s only us. I’m sure people think I can’t spell but it’s ok. I was able to share some of the best Scandal clips this week with them. They thought it was neat. I can’t imagine moving to the west coast and having to wait for all these shows when people are tweeting and Facebooking like crazy. You’d know what happens before the show even starts. IMG_0133

It’s pretty easy to use also. After you select your area (time zones and what not) You select the network or show that populates. Then you’ll see the stream for that show with other people sharing. Then you just clip a section you like. Write a quote on it, change up the font and color if you like. Then share away. It really does make talking about a show with others online so much more fun. 

Right now it is only available on iOS devices but will be coming to Android soon. I’ve used it a few more times since monday. You know like when Scandal was on :). 

Download the new ConnecTV app for your iPhone or iPad!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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