A Walk Through Walt Disney’s Original Office

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A Walk Through Walt Disney's Original Office We walked from the Roy E. Disney Animation Building and thru the ABC office building to cross a winding bridge onto the Walt Disney Studios Lot. From there we climbed three floors, zig-zagging through the halls to admire some of the original artwork and photographs of Walt Disney on the set of his numerous masterpieces. We were greeted by a few members of the Walt Disney Archives department. Yes, there is an entire department that preserves and tracks down originals to keep in the archives for future generations. They took us back a few at a time, leaving our bags in cubby holes so that we don’t accidentally knock something over.

We walk down a hallway with pictures of the “General” from The Great Locomotive Chase and Disneyland. The first room we enter has a small desk, and I hear someone behind me say, “Was that his desk? It’s so tiny! I expected it to be bigger.” The room erupts in laughter as I manage to get out that it was probably his secretary’s desk.  A giant glass cabinet covers one wall, inside it are a number of awards including a few Emmy’s and Oscar’s. It’s like we’ve stepped out of a time machine and into the 1940’s when the lot first opened. Even the curtains hanging from the windows look old. 

We turn the corner and enter what is called the formal office. The room where Walt would hold important meetings and entertain guests. Much like every Disney employee, there are figures and collectibles that line the office. Behind his desk, on the desk, under the glass coffee table and even on the grand piano. It’s what anyone that is passionate about his job would do. If anyone had passion is was Walt Disney. The room was filled with pictures of Walt Disney’s children and tons of books. His favorite treasures surrounded him in this room. 

We cross into another room that happens to be Walt’s working office. There is a giant map of Disneyland on the wall. It’s a smaller more modest space with lots of sorted boxes for paperwork and pens. You can see all the hard work that he put into his life’s work. Bringing families everywhere smiles in the form of entertainment and the Disney parks. 

Visiting Walt Disney’s office was one of the highlights of my trip to California. I love a good history story, but it is normally matched with one or two artifacts. This was an entire suite carefully curated to look exactly as it did when Walt Disney used it. It has been restored to its original state with the help of careful examination done by Walt’s brother Roy who took a lot of photos of the room after his brother passed, so the team was able to recreate it perfectly. 

It is a must-see for Disney fans. Walt Disney’s office is open to Disney employees, cast members, and studio visitors. You can experience it during the Studio lot tours and Archives that D23: The Official Disney Fan Club regularly offers to its Gold Members.

Check out all of my pictures from Walt Disney’s Office.

The pictures are in order that you would see them if you were walking through the suite. Enjoy!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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