A Zo Zo Zombie Makeover and Unboxing

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Do your kids love zombies and all things gross like fart jokes and brains? Prepare to meet Zo Zo Zombie! This little zombie gets it done and does it in funny ways.
You can find new episodes of Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube and Crunchy Roll every week.

Zo Zo Zombie

We unboxed a fun Zombie themed box from Spin Master that included lots of gross treats in it! Check out our Zo Zo Zombie unboxing and how the girls GET WEIRD like Zo Zo and Zombie Panda.

We binge-watched all of the available Zo Zo Zombie episodes on YouTube the other day because they are so funny. New episodes are released every week.

The story focuses on Zo Zo Zombie and his best friend, Isamu. Isamu is a normal school kid that just happens to have a Zombie as a best friend. Zo Zo is kind of like a little boy scout that has lots of challenges through at him that he has to work out in his own unique zombie way. He is always eager to help his friends, though.

The show introduces new characters throughout the series also. Other zombies, creepy creatures, and even zombie hunters are among the cast of characters. These characters are fun to watch how they interact with Zo Zo. The first episode was our favorite because it involved a farting match. My girls said it was the funniest cartoon they have ever seen, and my oldest loves manga style, so she was super on board.

Zo Zo’s adventures are always self-contained and usually end with getting him into trouble and losing his limbs by trying to help. Having organs flying around can come in handy though! It adds to the gross-out factor. 

After we watched a few episodes, they wanted to dress up like some of the characters. JaMonkey decided to dress like Zombie Panda. We put her hair into buns to look like panda ears and then wrapped toilet paper around her head to look like a bandage. I darkened her eyes sockets with black powder. We then drew on some zombie stitches and blood.

Squish wanted to dress up like Zo Zo Zombie. We found a purple shirt with green pants for her outfit. Her makeup includes purple cheeks, zombie stitches, blood, and a bandaid like the one that Zo Zo rocks on his forehead. Eating zombie candy for an extra gross-out effect.

Make sure to check out Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube or Crunchy Roll.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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