Adding a Smart Garage to my Smart House

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I’ve been slowly adding Smart Home enabled devices all over to create a more alert home. My oldest is at the age that she can now be home by herself for short periods of time. And I like having control over specific aspects of my house even when I’m not there. Not to mention, my family forgets to turn off and close things all the stinking time.

I was recently sent the Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub to review (all opinions are my own). I have a much older model garage door, but this Smart Garage Hub works with garages that have safety sensors manufactured after 1993. The newer model garages have myQ® built into them! Smart Garage Hub

The Hub was straightforward to install. Most of the set up was completed within the myQ app. You will first connect the app and hub to the local wifi that it will run on. Smart Garage Sensor

After you place the sensor on the garage door, you pair the hub with your opener just like you would with a new car opener.

One of the main reasons I wanted to test out the Smart Garage Hub is for the notifications it gives you. My husband leaves our garage door open all the time and even sometimes at night with the light on for anyone driving by to see. We have a ton of stuff in our garage, to the point that we can’t park in there, so it’s important to me that none of that gets stolen. We have multiple bikes and kayaks in there, as well as tools.

My Q alert

The myQ app allows me to set up alerts to notify me based on the rules that I set. I wanted to know if the garage was left open for over an hour. The app also lets you program a schedule for the garage to open and close on a set schedule. Maybe you leave the house at the same time every weekday for work. You can open the garage at the same time each day when you load into the car. I like being able to close the garage door from my phone while I settle into bed.

The myQ app can also be used with Key by Amazon, which lets Amazon deliveries be placed into your garage, so they aren’t outside when you are away. This is great for those times when you have ordered something expensive, you don’t want to be left on your porch or if you have a delivery coming while you’re away on vacation.

Maybe you want to give access to a neighbor or family member while you’re away, you can open the garage for them right from your phone!

I can even set up alerts if the garage door is opened. So if the kids use the garage to enter the house when they get home school, I’ll get a notification about the door opening. There is a myQ Home Bridge you can add to make the system Apple Homekit compatible too.

Having smart home devices gives me peace of mind so I can control aspects of the house when I’m away. Everything works together making my life easier.

Find out if you have a compatible garage here.




Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Honestly, I NEED one of these. I just told my husband about this. Everyday when I leave for work I drive so slowly by my house… just to make sure the door doesn’t accidentally go back up. LOL I’m a worrier like that. Adding to my wish list!


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