Adult Birthdays Suck

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As a child, birthday’s are magical. People bring you gifts and food. Our parents plan everything down to that scary clown that now haunts your dreams. But you can overlook that when there is a sugar coma that follows. Boy, does that change as you get older.

The teen years are spent trying to get hammered and away from your parents but with birthdays comes getting older. Keep-Calm-Happy-BirthdayTaking on responsibility that was once taken care of by your parents. It’s all on you now. It all seems to come on your birthday, too.

What is up with that? Happy Birthday from the government—now send me all your money. This year for my birthday it was the double whammy. I forget about it every year. But every year it comes and I cuss at the mailbox. This is your friendly reminder to renew your tag registration before your birthday. You file it under the ‘I’ll do it later’ pile but you always remember it on your birthday when it expires.

It’s never cheap, either. This year I paid over $250 to renew my registration. But my double whammy came when I pulled out my drivers license and found that it would be expiring on my birthday as well. So, I get to grace the Department of Driver Services and the County Tag office with my presence with my two cranky children. Take that government workers! You see, I don’t care if my kid screams at the top of her lungs because she’s bored and wants to use her new found freedom of being a walker in your lobby. I know that there’s nothing I can do to make this situation better but guess who can? YOU.

Stop moving like a turtle to walk to the scanner. Smile to the people that have to sit for hours waiting on your slow butt. I learned my lesson with the first office. I wasn’t going to wait at the DDS for a simple renewal with two kids. Thank goodness I looked online first before I went too, because they wanted 2 proof of residencies, my social security card, birth certificate, marriage license as well as my first born. JUST to renew!

So I spent most of my birthday in government offices taking care of my adult responsibilities. Shelling out money left and right. But then I went out to get hammered. I did renew my license after all. So I guess being an adult isn’t all that bad. Happy Birthday to me.

(This is a past post previously published on Aiming Low now that it is gone, sad face. but it is still my birthday!)

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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