An Evening with My Squish

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Consideration was provided by Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.

Last weekend, after a busy week of flying to Baltimore for Expo East, I rushed home to spend some quality time with my little squishy monster. My Husband and oldest were off having a Girl Scout camping adventure so I got to spend some time with my biggest fan. 

 We went to the US Weekly’s Family Movie Night over at the Avalon, where we got to do lots of fun activities before settling down to watch a movie on the lawn. It was really a lot of fun. I hadn’t been out to the new Avalon yet so I got to explore the shops and fun areas for kids before the festivities started.    
 US Weekly was giving out comfy fleece blankets for families to sit on so they didn’t have to sit on the rough Astro Turf lawn. It was nice for families that didn’t know about the event until they arrived and didn’t have a blanket to sit on. We brought some drinks and our picnic blanket to sit on. 

 While we were waiting for the sun to go down and the movie to start, we got to make a fun little flip book. We put on some fun props and moved around as it snapped a bunch of pictures of us. It was neat watching this machine print and cut the pictures super fast and then they assembled it and put a giant staple into it. My daughter thinks it’s the coolest thing. When we got home it was the first thing she wanted to show her Daddy and Sister. It was the highlight of the evening.

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After we made our flip book, we got to enjoy some fresh popped Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn. They were handing out a free cup for every person to enjoy. We took our popcorn onto the lawn and discovered a giant coloring page that the kids could color on until the movie started. So we settled in around the coloring page until the movie was underway.

   Outdoor movies are lots of fun. We had a blast with all of the fun activities they had for families to do. We are planning our own backyard movie night now.

Orville Gives You More

What are your must do activities and snacks for backyard movie parties?

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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