Babies are Stronger Than Mommies

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Since Saturday I’ve been in a haze. Every time that I can physically make it over into the NICU they give me a boost of good news followed with some stressful news. The pain from surgery seemed to be worse than others because of the shock my body went into before it even started along with the Symphysis Pubis Diastasis (Trying saying that three times fast) I was seeing a chiropractor every week for. It kept me in bed most of my stay in L & D. I even stayed an extra day. Each passing day I thought it would get better but it was more of an up and down scale. A hit or miss.

The first day all I wanted to do was go see her but I couldn’t even get out of the bed. Completely helpless. There was so much that I really had no clue about in regards to cesarean sections. Such as the pitocin drip they put you on after the surgery to induce contractions. Because thats what every woman wants. You to slice a giant hole in their uterus then give them a drug that causes contractions. Mine weren’t really even contractions it was more like one long continuous contraction that lasted the entire time. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Why someone would every elect to have one done is beyond me.

Along with the surgical pain that I was suffering from my Symphysis Pubis Diastasis got three times worse. Its a separation of the pubic bone that I’ve had this entire pregnancy. The amount of relaxin my body released was too high, it was like the part during labor when your pubic bone separates to let the baby through. Except mine started at 3 months gestation. She felt deep in my hips. I could barely walk because of it. Now I can’t sit for too long, or walk. Laying is the only thing that helps.

But enough wining. The point here was that Lil’ JaMonkey on the other hand is blowing me away. What I was told would be a month long visit may not end up being that long. She is so strong. Each day a new tube has been removed from her sweet frail body. Her SVT is being controlled through IV medications. She is hitting Preemie milestones early but the nurses have told me not to get my hopes up. Yes she is doing great but each day is a new day.

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  1. So sorry you are having such a difficult time healing. People forget that a c-section is a major surgery and takes time to get over. But I am SO glad that the little one is getting stronger each day!

  2. I am so sorry that you have to go through so much physical pain on top of all the emotional stress! I hope that each day takes you closer and closer to being pain free.

    I’m SOOOO glad to hear that Adelia is doing so well!!!! I had shared your story with my boss, and he wanted me to pass along something. He said to tell you that his grandson was born 9-10 weeks early and he is now 18 and “disgustingly healthy”…he is praying for you guys as well.

    Thank you for the update! Praying continually for you, Adelia and your family!

  3. Stopped by to check in. Glad baby is doing great. Sorry about your pain – I haven’t heard of that contraction thing before.

    I have the same public bone thing…it kills until it pops every time I get up from laying down. Ugh!

  4. I told you they are strong! I remember I went in one day expecting to ask when Ariel would get out of the incubator and was delightfully surprised to find that she was already out of it. I even went in one night when she was in the incubator and went to the nurse and said umm my little girl pulled out her oxygen tube, before I got here after I was there for bout 10 minutes. No alarms were going off, so they waited to put it back in, the next day they took her off it.

    Glad to hear she is doing great! I would expect the month that way you can be happy when they say it’s earlier. We expected a month and got 23 days. I hope you feel better soon, make sure you ask for plenty of help and rest.


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