Back to School Essentials and Tips

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We’ve survived the first week back to school! I hate that summer was so short though. We’ve packed up our essentials for the school year. Of course first graders don’t really need much. I keep it simple so that it doesn’t weight her down. 

Back to School Essentials

 Here are some back to school tips from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to keep in mind when your shuffling your kids off to school. 

  • Pack SmartBackpacks are a very handy way for your child to carry his books and other school materials, but they can also put strain on his back muscles and joints and cause back pain if used incorrectly. When fully loaded, your child’s backpack should weigh less than 15 percent of his body weight.
  • Keep Bullies at BayFifty percent of students report having bullied someone in the past. Bullies often pick on someone over whom they think they can have power, and they act this way to gain attention. There are several signs that a child is being bullied and ways to deal with those situations.
  • Curb the GermsExposure to germs can be a big problem as children go back to school. Germs can be found in all kinds of places and can be spread by any child, adolescent, teen or adult. Addressing the spread of germs in schools is essential to the health of your child. Nearly 22 million school days are lost in the U.S. each year due to the common cold alone. We use Honest Hand Sanitizer.
  • Fuel for SchoolA new school year means getting your kids back into a routine of smart eating so they can perform their best while learning. Whether your child gets food from the school cafeteria or brings something from home, it is important to ensure they are eating a well-balanced meal that provides them with the proper daily nutrients. 
  • Get Sleep SavvyGetting enough sleep is important to a student’s physical health and school performance, yet many kids are still in their summer sleep patterns.  Children’s experts provide parents quick and simple tips to get their kids back on a school sleep schedule. We got a good alarm clock!

Angel Soft

One of our backpack essentials are tissues. We love the new Angel Soft® on the go packs. With the flexible water-resistant packaging, you can keep a soft pack near your bathroom sink, by the pool, in a drawer… and keep your mind at ease! My daughters backpack gets thrown around and occasionally she runs through the rain to get into the house from the bus, so these waterproof packs are awesome. Plus, they have 5 super cute designs and have 7x more sheets than 10-sheet facial pocket packs, which is a better value. I keep one of the big packs in my car also. My allergies are relentless so I’m always sneezing in the car. Not to mention I have kids. Kids are messy if you missed the memo. My biggest challenge is getting my kids to use the tissues I provide them instead of their clothing. It never fails either, the first two weeks of school just mean that all the kids come home sick. 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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