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It’s back to school time! Which also means that dance, soccer, and PE are happening. My daughter is very excited about this. This is her first year in “big girl school” so she wants to do fun things to meet new friends. But with school sports means physicals that need to be done before they can start. Going to my pediatrician can be a hassle sometimes. Well visits book out at least a month so we went to our local Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Atlanta to take advantage of their $39 sports, camp, school physicals. 

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

Since most insurance companies don’t cover physicals this was an affordable option for us. Plus we did it on a weekend so that made it even easier to get it done fast. With a Walgreens in nearly every area you are bound to find one with a Healthcare Clinic inside. You’ll be seen by a nurse practitioner, and there are no waiting room staff to deal with.  You can find the healthcare clinic next to the pharmacy section. They even have seating for you to pass the time and look at magazines. 

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

When you arrive you’ll be greater by a computer and TV screen. Start checking in with the cool touch screen. This is the way of the future right here where all our records are digital and you can simple sign in with a thumbprint or eye scan! But for now you have to type it in with the patients info. It then lets you select the service that you are looking for. after selecting the service the computer told me how long my estimated wait time would be by calculating the patients services in front of me. How cool is that? The computer even goes one step further by not allowing others to sign in if it thinks the spots will fill up until closing time! So no getting upset if you can’t be seen because the store is closing and you’ve already been waiting. Genius. This helps the staff out tremendously I’m sure. 
Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

After we signed in we took a seat in the waiting area to listen for our name. JaMonkey was unimpressed with me taking pictures of everything! The wait started to get a little long so we grabbed a snack from inside the store to help pass the time. Then we laughed at the silly pictures we found in magazines. When it was out turn to head back we were quite excited. I think we waited about an hour to be seen. We were walk ins though. You can also chose to make an appointment online or in the store to make things easier. Walgreens Healthcare Clinic When she started the exam the nurse gave me some forms to fill out while she preformed the exam. Checking her blood pressure, ears and eyes. Then we started to move more into the physical aspect of it. She had to stretch up high, touch her toes and even give herself a big hug! Then she had JaMonkey run in place for a minute or two. She got a kick out of it and started to make funny faces at me. After she was done running the nurse listened to her heart. We were all set! Clean bill of health. Free to do any sport we’d like this year. 

I can’t believe how easy is was. I also noticed while I was sitting in the waiting area that they do back to school immunizations as well. There were a few other waiting with us for their college shots! Another woman brought her little girl in because she was complaining about her ears hurting. She didn’t want to risk her youngest getting sick because she was bringing in her other child to have her ears checked. Which is smart because pediatricians have separate waiting rooms for sick kids and it raises the chances of her other child catching something if she doesn’t have help when visiting a doctor. 

Such a great resource for parents. Find a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in your area. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter @Walgreens


Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
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  1. Our insurance covered well child exams up to age 18. Is that the same as a physical? I had no idea Walgreen’s offered clinical services.


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