Basket Candy Holder – Cut File

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Paper crafts are a great project to create with the kids. These Basket Candy Holders are great for any occasion, but are perfect as mini Easter baskets!

This craft includes directions for Cricut Design Space but the SVG file can be used in other cutting devices like the Silhouette as well.

Download the Basket Candy Holder SVG file here. 

Cricut Easter Basket Craft

Basket Candy Holder


What you will need

  • Textured Cardstock Basket Weave
  • Green Cardstock
  • Flower Color Cardstock
  • Quick Dry Glue


  • Upload file to design space and ungroup to work on all layers.
  • Find the layer that contains all the scoring lines. Under line type on the top left toolbar, click the drop-down and hit score.
  • On the layers panel, use the eye icon to turn off the rolled flower file and the leaves file. These will be cut separately for our basket once it has been fully assembled.
    Next, highlight the entire group that will be cut (the basket, handle and score lines) and attach. Attaching will ensure that the scoring lines will be on the same mat as our cutting layer and keep them together.
  • After, hit make and this is how your mat should look if scorelines have been properly attached. If all looks correct, hit continue and adjust your material dial or setting to medium card stock, more pressure (just to be safe), and if using a scoring stylus instead of scoring wheel be sure to let your machine know under edit tools. Load the card stock on to a blue light grip mat and hit go.
  • Turn the rolled flower back on in the layers panel and turn off all the other layers. Hit make and load a sheet of card stock onto a blue light grip mat. Be sure to once again, adjust your material dial or setting to medium card stock and more pressure to be sure it cuts fully through.
  • Turn the leaves layer back on in the layers panel and turn off all the other layers. Repeat step 5.
  • Once all pieces are cut, begin folding all the score lines before creating the basket.
  • To create the basket shape start with the tabs on the inside, closest to the triangle middle and work left to right. The triangle middle will eventually be the main support of the basket where each tab will be glued and layers build-up to create the side of the basket.
    **The triangle also acts as a gluing guide on where to place each tab.**
    Line up the circle top of the left tab to the circle top of the middle triangle support and glue down. Repeat for the right tab and work your way to the outermost tabs. Continue to line up the circle top of each tab to the circle top of the triangle middle layering each tab.
    Once you get to the last layer, it should be the outermost tabs repeating the steps above. However, the outer tab’s circle top will still lineup with the triangle but this layer will lie straight across horizontally a diagonal. This creates a straight edge to the side of the basket.
  • Glue the basket handle (looks like a popsicle stick) on the inside of the basket from side to side.
  • Glue the leaves around the center of all layering tabs.
  • Begin to roll the flower file starting on the outside. Use tweezers or a toothpick to help get the flower started. Once completely rolled, use glue to hold it together on the inner circle tab.
  • After, glue the entire flower on top of the leaves and help hide the layering tabs meeting point.
  • Fill with your favorite candy and you’re done!
    Cricut Easter Basket Craft
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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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