Behind the Scenes (Seas) Tour of the Georgia Aquarium

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If you haven’t been to the Georgia Aquarium yet, you’re missing out. But after visiting so many times, I was so excited to visit the Georgia Aquarium and take a behind the scenes tour to see how things are done outside the water.

Tours are only $15 now!

First, we took a look at the Ocean Voyager tanks. It’s a total change from the massive wall of glass that you walk under and stand in front of from below. It put the tank into better perspective because I thought it was a lot bigger. I learned a few fascinating facts about the gentle giant whale sharks, like the fact that the females are larger than the males. The other cool thing I learned was that whale sharks have to be constantly moving while they are eating. We got to see how aquarium workers feed the whale sharks first hand. They climb into boats and have a lane that the travel back and forth with buckets of krill. Each whale shark has a specific trainer that they go to as well. The trainer pulls the rope to drag the boat back and forth in these lanes while dumping the krill so that the whale sharks can eat on the go. How cool is that? Check out our Instagram video below.

We also got a sneak peak at the behavior training in the beluga tanks. We watched as some of the belugas were waving to us and playing with balls. Then the seals got to join them to play!

The Aquarium recently welcomed the first African penguins to the family, and we got a peek at the little fur balls. I say fur balls because they currently have furry feathers that can’t get wet. They are fluffy and of so cute! Once they lose the fluffy feathers, they will get to join the rest of the penguins in the exhibit.

Our favorite part of the tour was to see the Tropical Diver tank. Seeing how the big wave is created and where the reef is grown was very cool. There are huge heat lamps also above the tanks to help the reef grow. I think it helps give the tropical feel for sure.

Lots of great reefs are being grown as well. Not just for this aquarium but other places as well.

The Georgia Aquarium is a great place to visit for a staycation like Spring Break. Do something different and take a Behind the Seas tour to learn something new about the great work that the Georgia Aquarium is doing.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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